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I’ve said this before and I’m going to say it again, one of the best parts of my job is being part of the journey of a Bride. The experience goes beyond the dress and we love receiving an email of our brides big day. Hearing about the planning in the beginning is exciting, but getting to see it come to life brings us such joy. I had the pleasure of speaking with one of our Real Sophia’s Brides, she was so sweet and has such a beautiful love story. Adrienne met the love of her life in High School and continued their story, long distance through out their college years.

Adrienne and her wife, Alyssa in high school.

Where did it all begin?

We began dating at Lawrence Central High School in 2006. We started out as friends, that later turned into something more. 

How did your wife, Alyssa propose and how long were you engaged?

After a really long week babysitting, she had booked me a massage. I returned home to find an out fit hanging with a note that said “be ready by 8”. The car picked me up, the driver talked about his divorce and how he believe in finding love again. I arrived at Oceanair, as soon as I arrived, she started with her proposals, sort of word vomiting at first. We had a friend capture the entire moment, I have those to back on.

Where was your wedding and reception?

Our wedding was at the State House and our reception was at Forum Conference and Event Center in Fishers Indiana.  We chose the State house because it was beautiful in it own light. The original lights and features are really pretty. We also wanted to get married downtown.

As for choosing Forum, we fell in love with the wedding coordinator and their crew. When we went for a visit, they projected our names on the ceiling welcoming us. They were very personal and we loved it.

How many did you have in your bridal party? 

I had 4 and my wife, Alyssa had 5. Each of us had a mix of guys and girls. (Uh, love this!)

Did anything go wrong on the big day?

Yes, the original makeup artist for the bridesmaids and Alyssa dropped out the night before at 11pm. My Wedding Planner scrambled to find someone else, I wasn’t aware during the situation, because she kept it closed lip. During our reception, 1 server didn’t show up and the other was underage drinking.  We want from 4 servers to 2. Thankfully, our  planner and family stepped up to help serve our 200 guests. (The servers were NOT associated with the catering company.) (Yikes!)

Looking back on wedding planning, what is your #1 tip for Brides?

Have fun, I think you get really stressed out with all the little details of the wedding, the process could be fun if you relax when you do it. Try to Think about all the positives.

The vendors for the day were as follows…

Cake and Dessert Bar: Whisk Bakery
Catering: Citizen Hash
Bouquets and Centerpieces: Special Occasion Designs
Décor: Indiana Wedding Decorators
Photography: Rogue Images Photography
Wedding Planner: Meaghan Banks, MB Weddings and Events
Ceremony Venue: Indiana Statehouse
Reception Venue: Forum Conference and Events Center



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