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Makeup is constantly trial and error and personally, it’s a little overwhelming. Seriously, every time I look for products, there’s something new on the market. It can be both intimidating and costly, if you take the leap on trying something new. Products for your Lips are just as ever changing. Prom is pretty much a 24 hours event, so if you’re like me, you want a product that is long lasting. A lipstick/gloss that will out last through evening pictures and take you well into the night. I get it.  Let’s talk pros and cons of 3 of the top trending lip products on the market.

  1. Kylie  Lip Kit (Matte)

    Sophia’s Prom Squad Girl Savannah Y. had this to say, “I love my Kylie Lip Kit! Pros are they look soooooo good on, and the dry matte looks awesome. Con is that they suck the moisture out of my poor lips.” 

    With her thoughts in mind, I did a little digging. It seems the moisture issue, isn’t isolated. I imagine, this is more a concern for the matte version. There seems to be a trick to keeping the moisture. A few reviews on the matte lipstick, shared that if you use a thin layer of Vaseline prior to applying the lip kit, you’re less likely to struggle with dryness. GENIUS. It makes sense, as Vaseline is a moisturizing product. Several reviews confirmed, the Kylie Lip Kit is long lasting and doesn’t easily transfer. This is a win to me, aside from the dryness, of course! Lips kit

  2. Tarte Tarteist Glossy Lip Paint

    Sophia’s Prom Squad Girl Alexandra P. had this to say, “I love the Tarte Glossy Lip Paint. It’s really pigmented and feels super great on. The con is that it’s not that long lasting and if you kiss someone, it gets on them.” 

    I’m guessing your date doesn’t want to spend his prom night covered in lip gloss. Do you blame him?! I looked into this claim, and unfortunately, there is truth to this. Gloss is tricky, it tends to rub off much easier because of that extra moisture. This particular gloss is very thick and resembles more of liquid lipstick. You either love it, hate it or have a love hate relationship with it. I think this is true for all gloss though. I’m voting this one on preference but maybe bring a longer lasting lipstick, just in case you get tired of reapplying!
    Tarte lips
    3.   Cailyn Cocoon Lip Stain

    The last product we are going to discuss is a magic product that I personally love. The Cailyn Cocoon Lip stain is different for a couple reasons, 1, it is a stain and 2, when you apply the product, you’ll wait and peel the product, leaving behind a light stain. I love this lip stain because it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing anything. This is key for me because I hate having to reapply all night long. The company claims the stain lasts for about 10 hours. I believe when I wear it, I start noticing a significant fading around the 8 hour mark. Obviously eating and drinking will effect this. The reviews I found on this product share the same sentiment. One complaint was that “applying the stain directly from the tube, doesn’t really allow it to spread easily.” The fix would be to use a lip brush. This would also allow you to cover areas that may need a little more application.
    lips stain

What are your fave lip products? Share your fave and the pros and cons in the comments below!


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