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That Prove You Should Avoid Sketchy Online Retailers

We’ve all been there, you’re comfy, at home and want to shop online, instead of going to the store. My personal opinion, there’s just not a better way to shop! Amazon is rocks my shopping world!  Lets be real, reviews are necessary, if you see “BUYER BEWARE”, this is your cue to STAY FAR FAR AWAY! When it comes to prom, the same is true. Prom dress fails are totally avoidable, buying a prom dress doesn’t mean you can’t purchase online. Make sure you are choosing a reputable seller. Maybe you have a prom store locally that also sells the designers on their website, check them first. Other wise, find reviews and read as many as you can before making your decision.

As far as finding the right size, find some measuring tape and get your measurements. Bust, tummy, hips, arms and height. Most prom dresses need to be altered once purchased whether you buy online or in store. Make sure to plan that expense and find your seamstress.

Now for why  you should avoid sketchy online retailers. Some of these had me laughing and some just made feel bad for the girl that bought the dress.

When you buy a dress Blake Lively wears, we expect to look like Blake Lively!

Their both red?

These aren’t even the same shades of pink!

Partly bad because of all the wrinkles but mostly bad because of all the wrinkles.

When you order a ball gown and get this instead?

But seriously is this even the same dress?

Again with wrong shades of pink!

Again, wrong shad of pink and the right looks like a long night gown!

Wrong shades of and wrong design all together?

The cups at the bust, I just can’t even!


Moral of the story, always do your research when searching online for your dream dress. In the mean time, you already love Sophia’s Prom, check out our online site HERE.

Have you had a Prom dress fail before? Share in the comments!




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