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Shopping for prom dresses usually happens, for the early shoppers in December and can go all the way to May, for the last minute buyers. What if you aren’t in high school but need a gown for a formal event? We’ve got you covered there, year around. Of course at Sophia’s Prom, you can find your perfect dress for any event. Whether its prom, high school formal, work parties, galas, Holiday parties etc. We have longer gowns, high-lows, shorter gowns and we even have the pantsuit/romper for formal events. You can come in store or from the comfort of your home, by shopping our online site. Here are some examples of dresses we carry, that go beyond prom or high school formals.

Let’s start with the not so typical (But for sure, an awesome option) attire. The romper/pantsuit: 

Next, we have some examples of cute little cocktail dresses or for attending a summer wedding:

And finally, dresses for formal events, i.e. Weddings, Galas, Holidays Parties:

Which dress is your favorite and which event would you wear it to? Share in the comments below!

Photos: Www.shopsophiasprom.com

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