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We all know it’s not official unless you hashtag it right?!  Wedding hash tags are all the rage and a fun way to put a little personality in your wedding day!!  We have seen some pretty creative ones – so here are a few tips to making the perfect wedding hashtag!

6 steps to making the perfect hashtag!

  1.  Get creative with your names – everybody remembers BradJolina right?!  Use first, last, middles, whatever you can get to smoosh together to form some sort of catchy phrase!
  2. Don’t take yourself too seriously – these aren’t meant to follow you around for life, so little playful word pun or play on words is perfect for these!
  3. Check instagram – make sure you aren’t stealing someone else’s hashtag (otherwise, whats the point!?)
  4. Phone a friend… we all need some help when it comes to weddings, and the hashtag is no different!  Ask your friends or family to come up with some ideas with you or help brainstorm!
  5. Keep it easy – writing in a hashtagwithnospaces isn’t easy – so try not to be too complicated or use words that are hard to spell!
  6. Tell EVERYONE!  The point is to get the word out there so that everyone can be tagging all the amazing photos of you looking fabulous – so make sure they know what to write!

Still stuck?

Hitting a writers block?  We recently came across some websites that will help you create them!  Or atleast get you started…


Wedding Hash Tag Wall


Good luck – and may the names be always in your favor! 🙂

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