Why you should include your Furry Friend on your wedding day!

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Weddings: Why You Should Include Your Furry Friend

Whether it be your loyal bulldog or your lovable horse, including your furry friend in your big day is not only totally on trend, it is such a sweet way to make things more personal. That being said, there are certain things to consider before bringing along a four legged guest; you want to ensure your day is stress-free and if letting Fido be the ring bearer makes things more chaotic for you, he’s probably best left at home with a yummy bone to keep him occupied.

Can they do it?

First, be honest with yourself in terms of your pet’s temperament. Does he get skittish around strangers or large crowds? How does he do on a leash or lead rope? If you’re nervous about how he might react walking down the aisle, incorporate him in to your first look photos instead. Have a reliable pet sitter take him home afterwards so you know he’s safe, but also got to be a part of your special day.

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Give it some personality!

A huge must have in the wedding world right now is unique furry guests, like llamas and donkeys. Though it sounds silly to some, having these sweet creatures in photo ops makes for wonderful memories, especially for a desert-inspired wedding or a funky, eclectic gathering. Hiring a hand who not only can bring these animals to your wedding, but can direct you on how to pet, hold, pose with, and love on them is necessary. The last thing you need is the llama munching on your bouquet.

Photo Credit: @hellobrigit, Brigit Cheshire Photography
Llama Rental: @weddingllamas

Check with your venue!

Finally, keep in mind that even if your venue is staffed with animal lovers, they may not be too keen on letting them join you on the property. Most outdoor venues will allow it, but some have restrictions, like not having your pet in the bridal suite or on certain areas of the grounds. While it is your wedding day, respecting the rules of your venue is key, especially if you are hoping to get your security deposit back!

Photo Credit: @jillianbob; Bombs Over Betty Photography

However you choose to incorporate your furry friend, remember that the day is about having fun, getting married, and being in love! If your dog being there makes that better, go for it, but if it creates more stress for you, celebrate with him when you’re back from the honeymoon with his sweet souvenir (you had planned on getting him one, right…)!

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