5 Ways to Incorporate Blush Into Your Wedding

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Blush seems to be a popular trend for weddings these days! The subdued but dainty color has been winning the hearts of future brides this year. From showing hints of blush in a wedding dress to using it as a major accent color to your big day, blush is definitely high on rise. Take a look at how you can add this beautiful color to your special day!  



Using followers that have a mix of white and pink can sometimes give you the hint of blush you might be looking for. It’s a great way to add the color in minimally without it taking over the entire color scheme. Flowers like a garden rose, dusty pink carnation, peonies, hydrangeas, and Peruvian lilies all come in fun & different shades that will fulfill your blush desire.  



This is a great way to make a statement with white! Blush shoes are all the trend, even blush sneakers and slippers work perfectly if you’re not the dress up type. These 5-inch heels sparkle from across the room while you get your blush fix on.  



There are SO many ways to add this color into your wedding décor. Centerpieces, plates, napkins, candles, lights and more can be used to accent this color as you dance the night away with your family, friends and your new forever boo.  


The Dress

Yes people, Brides are choosing full on blush dresses instead of white! Not feeling that choice at all? No problem! Just find a dress that has a blush underlay, or a simple velvet belt that shows of the color as a focal point of the dress (and your tiny waist)



Your Bride Tribe

What better group can you pick other than those closest to you! Choose from one color, or different shades of blush, mixing up the tones to create a classic but fun look for your girls. 



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