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Honeymoon – here we come!

Let’s be honest for a second, if your wedding is what you’re most looking forward to, the honeymoon has got to be a close second! For those who have a trip planned after the I Dos, whether it be a weekend getaway or a lavish trip around Europe, there are a few things we recommend you do for yourselves as a couple before you get back to reality!

Get a massage as a couple.

Whether you’re on a cruise around the Caribbean or nestled away in a Colorado mountain lodge, there are few things more relaxing or intimate than a couples massage. For those planning a honeymoon filled with hikes, lots of walking, or excursions, we recommend saving the massage for the end of your trip. No one wants to go home with sore muscles!

Photo Credit: Catalina Sea Spa

Treat yourselves to a fancy dinner.

There are few times in your life where a fancy dinner is warranted and your honeymoon is definitely one of those times. We’re not talking an appetizer, dinner, and dessert and the local pub (though that does sound fab!), rather a dinner that requires a couple hours of getting ready, a nice car service to take you to and from the restaurant, drinks, and service that is out of this world! Let yourselves indulge and make an entire evening out of having your meal. Once you’re back to reality, such expenditures may not feel as necessary, so let yourself have fun on your honeymoon!

Photo Credit: Alpine Mountain Chalets

Try a new adventure!

Try something new that neither you or your partner has yet to experience. If you’re over seas, this might be the time to try escargot or some other dish you’ve heard of, but been too afraid to taste. There’s no better place to try it then where it originated! If you’ve always been a bit weary of heights, take the plunge and go on the canopy zip line! Experiencing something new and thrilling together is a wonderful way to bond as a new couple!

Photo Credit: Costa Rica Adventure Tours




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