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Wedding planning is in full swing, theres so much to consider! You’ve popped the question, to your bridal party, now to decide, which bride maids dresses you want. Do you want a uniform look or a little mismatch? We want to help you in this department. We desire….to inspire!

Let’s start with a few quick pointers.

First, consider your bridal parties different shapes and sizes. Not all styles are the same on every body type, We’d encourage you to find out which style makes them feel most comfortable. (GASP! It’s YOUR wedding day, we know. But trust us, making sure they are comfortable in what they are wearing, will allow them to be at their best for you.)

Color scheme is important. Maybe you have colors in mind but haven’t really thought about light or dark. Things to consider, time of year as well as, whether the wedding is indoors or outdoors. You also want to consider the decor and flowers when making this decision.

Time frame is important in this equation. We encourage you to make sure your bridal party orders their dresses about 6 months, prior to the wedding. This allows time for the dress to be ordered and shipped back, as well as any needed alterations.

Here are some styles Sophia’s has to offer-

You can see more by clicking HERE.

Happy weekend!



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