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With everything happening in 2020, it is the perfect time to explore taking your bridal shower (and just about everything else) VIRTUAL!

You don’t have to cancel celebration, let’s just adapt!

So you’re a bride or a friend who is planning a shower – what can we do?

Plan a celebration – get everyone on your favorite video platform at the same time! Have everyone dress up or do a theme!

Some ideas for themes:

  • Colors! Have everyone dress up in the wedding color!
  • Margs and Marriage – Mexican theme!
  • Trivia night
  • Couples party

Have all the gifts sent ahead of time!

This will let the bride still open while everyone watches, and allow everyone to get excited! You can even play a “guess the gift” game and let people guess based on the box!

Play games!

There are so many virtual games you can play – especially with a bride theme!

  • Have a drinking game with trigger words, anytime someone says bride, everyone takes a drink (let everyone ahead of time know to grab their favorite alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink!)
  • Charades! Give out the phrases, movies, or words in private messages and let everyone guess!
  • Trivia – send an email ahead of time with trivia questions people can fill out!
  • Interview the bride and groom and do rapid fire questions live!

Have prizes and mail them out after the shower!

Virtual Classes

This requires some prep work, but you could do cookie decorating, drawing or painting, flower arranging, etc! Work with a local small business to log in virtually and teach!

Yummy treats!

A great way to feel united is the food (isn’t that one of the best parts of a shower anyway?) So why not partner with a bakery to ship cupcakes, cookies, or Macarons to everyone invited, or pick a theme and have everyone prepare food in that theme! Send the brides favorite recipe and have everyone attempt! Such a great time to try a new recipe or sweet treat!

Cocktail hour

This can be fun and educational! Have everyone bring the ingredients to build their favorite cocktail or mocktail and teach the group how to make it! Have everyone send their recipes out and create a little recipe book for the bride and groom!

What do you think?

Have you attempted any virtual parties? We’ve seen things like Zoom, FaceTime, and HouseParty work great! We can’t wait to hear your ideas!




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