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(photograph by Danielle Harris Photography – see more of this shoot here!)

Winter wonderland weddings are the most romantic and enchanting weddings with candle lite rooms, snowflakes, and warm winter drinks. When you are creating your winter wonderland wedding it is important to be mindful of: the weather, your guest, and the venue. We want your winter wedding to go perfectly so, we came up with a few tips to help you create a winter wonderland while keeping your guest warm and cozy.

  1. Travel time – The weather may call for snow so, allow extra time for your guest to arrive. This helps to ensure safety and time incase of traffic. Create a magical entrance to your venue to do so you can add outdoor lanterns along the driveway to help guide your guest.

2. Keep guest cozy – Another very important element to creating a winter wonderland wedding is setting the right room temperature. You want to make sure you are keeping your guest comfortable with heat but not get too toasty. Instead of cranky the heat too high set out a cute basket with cozy blankets with a sign that is warm and inviting.  Check out these here and here!

3. Keep guest warm – Warm drinks such as hot chocolate or hot apple cider are fun treats and perfect for winter wonderland weddings. Keep your guests feeling good by offering a warm drink when they first arrive. It’s a great way to warm their hands up from just being in the cold and it makes them feel comfy cozy.

4. The venue – For winter weddings it is best to have the ceremony and reception in the same venue. This way no one has to worry about traffic and weather. One beautiful venue idea is having it in a barn chapel for a more romantic and rustic wonderland feel.  Check out some of our favorite Indianapolis, Indiana venues who would nail this look – The Sycamores at Mallow Run and the Neidhammer downtown!


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