Let’s talk about the MEN in our lives… shall we??

There is always some weird stress related to getting the perfect gift to thank the bridesmaids and groomsmen that will stand next to you on your wedding day, but we have found some of the cutest, and PERSONALIZED gifts!

Groovy Guy Gifts has some really smart ideas, awesome personalization options, and things the guys in your life will actually use!  So, for your wedding day, check out these awesome gifts!

They sent us these gifts so we could see the quality, and I have to say that they are AWESOME!  We even tested them out on some drinks, and they were perfect.

Personalized “Rock and Cold Whisky Stones

And this fun pocket knife, I know this would be a huge hit for my husband and his friends!

Another gift I loved, especially for a wedding, is this set with a money clip, tie clip, and cufflinks!  And for the bearded friends… this is perfect!

So what is your favorite groomsman (or even GROOM) gift?!  Tell us in the comments!