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Boho Chic is the trending style for this year. As women, most of us have visioned our wedding day since we were young girls, pretending to marry our favorite teddy bear. We picked out the music, did our hair and created our dream dress, with our mothers most beautiful sheets and curtains. As you plan your wedding, those memories are fresh. Every season brings new trends. It hard to keep up with all the designers and styles. These Boho style gowns are simple, elegant and will make you wish you were spending January on the beach. However, this style dress is beautiful in all seasons. How you accessorize allows the dress to be interchangeable.

SHOES-yes, we love to talk shoes. One of the best things I love about some of the boho styles, is that I can wear sandals. This is my level of comfort. Of course, you’ll want to avoid wearing them in the colder months but lets be honest, who doesn’t get excited with the thought of sandals on your wedding day?!

Below are some sample gowns to fit with each season. Boho Chic can be dressed up and dressed down. You will find there is flexibility in meeting your comfort level.

I personally love the Spring sample. It’s beautiful all on its own, though it would still look stunning with a cardigan over top. Spring still brings out those chilly days, make sure to be prepared!


WINTER by Maggie-Sottero.


SPRING by Sottero and Midgley


SUMMER by Maggie Sottero


FALL by Maggie Soterro


Photos: Maggie-Soterro web

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