Prom is weeks away, you’ve scheduled your hair appt, but you’ve gone from one hair style, to the next, trying to decide which direction you want to go. There are a few things that may help with this dilemma. For instance, the back of your dress. If you have a more intricate design, but have long hair, consider a lose up-do, so that you’ll still be able to show off the back of your dress. Whether you have a simple design in the back, or just a simple zip up, this would be a great dress to style down. Of course, the back of the dress doesn’t make or make, which way to go. Personally, when I’m cold, I want my hair down, it acts as a scarf for my ever freezing neck and shoulders!

Now you’ve decided up or down, what about accessories? This is where it gets fun. Flowers, jewels, clips, feathers, that list is endless. If you’ve chosen a bohemian style, the sight of flowers intertwined through your locks, is a gorgeous touch. For me, I’d be more interested in adding jewels to my hair. A simple side braid lined with very simple pieces to complete my prom look. However, this is not my prom, this is your big night. I’ve added some inspiration to help you along the way. Prom is the night you get to fully express yourself from top to bottom, be creative, be bold, BE YOU!




Photos: Pinterest