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Your wedding day is about taking the depth of your love story and sharing it with the world. You’re saying “we are becoming 1 unit” and have brought those you love most together, in support of your future, as a married couple. You want to remember every single moment of your big day. The laughter, the tears, the joy,  you want it forever sketched into your mind. You want to share the stories with your future children and grandchildren. You want to reminisce the beautiful memories with your soul mate. Having the perfect photographer is more than just for the moment, its for the future moments.

Sophia’s Bridal is here to make finding your dress, beautiful and joyful, and we hope your experience is just that. Did you know, Lemongrass Photography is owned by the owner of Sophia’s as well? Jessica Limeberry is not just a dress dream maker, she is also an artist, that captures your most intimate and happiest memories. She begins with the engagement and supports you through the wedding day journey. She has a team of amazing and talented photographers and creates beautiful, lasting memories for you to keep for generations to come.

If you are looking for a photographer that truly invests herself in your relationship, Lemongrass Photography will be that for you. Take a look at some of her beautiful images, if you want to contact them, click HERE.

If you plan to come into Sophia’s, you can also check out her work in the beautiful photography books, Lemongrass has created. They are on the tables in the front of the store. We’d love to hear from you, is their a location you’d love to have your engagement photos taken? Do you prefer City or in the middle of no where? Let us know by commenting below!




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