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Can we all agree, trying on clothes can be overwhelming for all sizes? Its the dreaded, “I’m so small, no store has my size or  I hate my curves, I hate my arms, my love handles show, I have back fat in this dress…blah blah blah blah.” Let’s real talk for a minute. We are women and society told us, once upon a time, that there is the perfect body and then there is the average ladies body. It’s like, what the heck?! Most of us are average size, whether you are a double zero, in-between or plus size, (Which, I hate that sizes are called large, extra large or plus size!)

Could we just label sizes with flowers? Extra small=Daisy, Medium=Roses , Large=Lilly, so on and so fourth. Could you imagine the feeling of saying, I’m roses? Because yes, I’m a flower.  Also, could we please expand the “plus-size” sections in all stores designed for women? Now, I’m not sitting here, saying being a double zero or a 3x is healthy or un healthy because that’s not what this is about for me. This is about feeling 100% when you try on a dress and not crying because you see the flaws more than your beauty. I’m guilty of this, In fact, I just tried on a dress and instantly fell into tears, because my body, isn’t the body I want. I went on to try on other dresses, eventually I felt a little better.

When you work around dresses…eventually you get sucked in. Literally. ?

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Real talk, I was mortified to see my arms in a strapless dress. It sounds dramatic, now that I have written it down, but it’s true. It took putting on a dress, to turn my bubbling, joke filled personality into a fragile girl who felt too vulnerable. Can you relate? Being at Sophia’s, I had all the support I could ask for. Telling me, I looked great and the owner and other consultants pulled dresses that would help me feel more confident.

All this to say, we are all a work in progress. You can be a double zero, size 2, size 8, size 18, size 28, it doesn’t matter because there is something we all want to improve. We should be out here encouraging each other. When one of our sisters, are breaking, lets help put them back together. We are all a masterpiece in the making, creating a beautiful piece of art. Remember, when you watch an artist paint, from start to finish, its beautiful and fascinating….That is how we should look at each other, but most importantly ourselves.

Let me be your voice of reason, I don’t have to know you, to know you are beautiful. Teens, 20 something, 30-100 years old, every single shape, size, color and flaw we see, is what makes being a woman so wonderful. Again, Real talk, I’m a work in progress too and my hope for each of you reading this today, is that you look in the mirror and proclaim, “YES, I AM A BEAUTIFUL WORK IN PROGRESS!” Own it!





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