9 Benefits of Wedding Gown Preservation

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We love taking care of our brides from the moment they get engaged to long after the wedding! We believe that after-care of your wedding gown is essential for many reasons, which is why we partner with Wedding Gown Preservation Company. Wedding Gown Preservation Company has been preserving gowns since 1913 and provides a 100-year guarantee! If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should preserve your dress, follow along for some benefits!

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The Time and Effort Invested to Find your Dress


Many people spend countless hours dreaming of their wedding day–the venue, food, hair, makeup, flowers, colors, etc. When they finally get engaged, it’s planning time. There are many things to think about, but one thing that always brings the vision to life is finding that dream dress. Your wedding dress is what you will be wearing when you marry the love of your life, and it makes the process seem so much more real.

Finding a wedding dress can take a lot of time and effort. You’ve likely never experienced the process before, so the only preparation you have is looking at dresses online. Research usually entails looking on Instagram or Pinterest to find those styles that you’re loving. Once you get into the boutique, you spend time figuring out what you genuinely like, and sometimes this can take a while. You may end up liking exactly what you saw online, or you could end up with something completely different; both are common occurrences! Once you say yes to the dress, you will likely make multiple trips to a seamstress to get that perfect fit for your wedding day! After spending all of that time and effort on finding your dream dress, you want to make sure you treat her right!


Organically Cleaned


No harsh chemicals! All processes that go into cleaning and preserving your gown are safe, gentle, and environmentally friendly.


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Include Up to 3 Items for Free


When you purchase a gown preservation kit, you can send in up to 3 items for free! Whether you have a veil, headpiece, gloves, garter, moneybag, handkerchief, slip, flower girl gown, etc., you can include those in the preservation! Cleaning and preserving your entire bridal look makes it that much more special.


a packaged wedding dress in a gown preservation box


Perfectly Packaged to Become a Precious Keepsake


Your wedding dress is one of the only tangible things you can save from your wedding day! When you get it preserved, they will box it up with a cute little window so you can see your beautiful wedding dress whenever you want. Preservation is also a great way to show future generations and possibly pass it down to become a family heirloom.


Safe and Efficient Storage


A preserved gown can help store your dress safely and more efficiently. Instead of trying to find a place for a bulky garment bag, keep your box nice and neat in any corner of the closet!


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A Carefree Wedding Day


Cleaning and preserving your gown AFTER the wedding means you can have a more carefree time AT your wedding! You won’t have to constantly stress about getting dirt or stains on your dress because you will have peace of mind knowing a plan for your gown after your wedding day. Whether you are getting married at the beach, in a barn, or in the woods, twirl the day/night away with no worries about what you are getting on your dress!


Prevents Damage to the Dress


A wedding dress likely features intricate detailing, and the fabric can be very delicate. Cleaning wedding dresses isn’t like cleaning any regular piece of clothing. It takes special care and attention. Wedding gown preservation is KEY to making sure your dress lasts a lifetime–helping to avoid fabric stretching, yellowing, oxidation spots, creasing, and more.


Donating or Selling Your Wedding Dress


If you plan on selling your wedding dress, gown preservation is a fantastic way to increase that resell value. Chances are no one will want to buy a dress if there is a giant wine stain on it–so getting it cleaned professionally will help with reselling it. It’s also a great thing to do if you are planning on donating it. This process keeps it in tip-top shape for the next lucky person.


packages at a bridal shop


A Package Deal


The last benefit to wedding gown preservation is the fantastic package deal you can get with it when you are a Sophia’s Bride! As a Sophia’s Bride, we offer three different package options, two of them including gown preservation. The breakdown is below!



Aisle Ready Press & Steam
Upgraded Garment Bag
(No Gown Preservation Included)



Gown Preservation
Aisle Ready Press & Steam
Upgraded Garment Bag



Gown Preservation
Aisle Ready Press & Steam
Custom Denim Jacket
Royal Reveal Upgrade
Upgraded Garment Bag
Bride Hanger


These packages are a steal when you compare them to the price of gown preservation by itself! We love being able to give brides everything they need to care for their dress before, during, and after their wedding!


After all the planning that goes into a wedding, It can be hard to think about what you will do with your dress after the wedding; however, you should decide sooner rather than later! Time is of the essence, so if you plan to preserve your gown, it’s better to do it directly after your wedding. The sooner you can get it clean, the less time dirt and stains have to sit and soak into the material. The process is simple, and once it’s shipped off, your worries are gone! Your wedding dress is a part of your story that deserves all the care. It’s one of the only parts of the day you can physically take with you, and while you may not pull it out to stare at it often, you will want it to be in good condition when you decide to. Stay connected to our blog for more tips and tricks on all things bridal.




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