Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: Unique Wedding Getaway Rides

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Making an Exit in STYLE!

Everyone dreams of how they walk down the aisle or stand at the pulpit awaiting their true love on their wedding day, but how do you make your exit? I know you probably just imagine you will ride off into the sunset holding hands kissing the perfect day goodbye, but what will you be riding off in? Maybe you even want to share the ride to your wedding reception with the people you love? Let’s explore some fun ways to speed off in!

  1. Clang! Clang! Clang! Went the Trolley!

Bring your wedding party with you to the wedding reception on a cute little trolley car! If you are a couple that wants to celebrate with your loved ones the whole day through this is perfect and you can get some adorable photos! I’m gushing over this photo. They look so cute! You can usually find a trolley service to rent in big cities. We are located in Indianapolis so here is a go to for a Trolley here–> http://www.indytrolley.com/

       2. Let’s go for a sleigh ride!

Finish your winter wonderland wedding by sledding off into the forest in your very own sleigh! The horse drawn carriage is so passé and since Indiana is covered with snow for a huge chunk of the year this could work out beautifully.  It would also be very memorable for all your wedding guests the rest of their lives.

Photographer Rebekah Westover

3.Live to Ride, Ride to Wed

If you or your partner have a motorcycle license you should definitely consider arriving or leaving your nuptials on a good ol’ cafe racer or chopper. You will definitely look like the epitome of cool.

Photography by PERRY VAILE

4.Canoe Canoe?

If you are having a waterside wedding take advantage of the water and take a ride in a canoe after the wedding ceremony for some alone time and great photos. You could even have the canoe open to guests for canoe rides!

5. True Nitro Love

Indianapolis lives and breathes racing. With the Indianapolis Motor Speedway next door it’s easy to find a race car to take photos with or maybe even give you a ride around the race track. I don’t know of any ways to rent a race car, but if someone is able to do this for a wedding. Please send us photos!!!

Wedding of Olivia Brune & Adam Mefford Sunday 10 October 2010 in Jacksonville. Ceremony & reception at Shepp’s Speedway in Alexander.
Photos by Steve & Tiffany Warmowski
WarmowskiPhotography.com, EWRM/The Image Works, 217.245.4178, 217.473.5581

If you had a unique getaway ride at your wedding. Please send us photos so we can do another post sharing your wonderful wedding memories! marketing.sophias@gmail.com




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