Put Your Bridal Foot Forward!

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I love shoes so much! My closet is full of them, trust me.

So. Many. SHOES.

When you are a shoe lover like me you need to have something extra special for your wedding day. A shoe like no other shoe that has ever graced those cute feet of yours!

Soooo… why don’t you customize your bridal shoes? Make them unique to you, your event, your outfit, and your relationship.

Write love on your shoes. Your fiance and you could write little love notes on the bottom of each others shoes to read and have with you the whole day. You could include your bridal party to write notes on there for you! It’s such a sweet touch.

Photo by Ericson-Wolfe Photography

Maybe you should just ditch shoes and go barefoot! Try decorating your feet with little wraps of lace or chains and toe rings.

Maybe add a cute feather poof to your shoes! Also don’t be afraid to add a pop of color to your look with your shoes!

If you don’t really wear heels just buy a cute pair of flats and add some lace and rhinestones! Maybe even had a ribbon to give yourself a ballerina look.

Think about getting customized sneakers for a more casual and fun look. You could even wear these for all your wedding parties like your bachelor, wedding shower, and engagement party.

If you want to come look at our shoes available in our store give us a shout! I can definitely create more tutorials to help you out!




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