Winter Wedding | Make-up to your canvas

Oh sweet winter! I think we can agree, there is a love hate relationship with this cold season. It’s cold, wet and slippery. Though, those can dampen the season, we can rest in the visions of warmth, next to a roaring fire or sipping from our mugs of hot chocolate, as we admire the beautiful snow from our cozy couches.

Winter is great for another reason, WEDDINGS! The decor, the gown, your hair and make up, can all align beautifully with your winter themed day. Make-up is important for this season. All the white and lights around, can easily wash you out. Here are 5 simple tips to help you standout instead of blend in.

Tip #1 Your skin is thirsty in this cold, remember to hydrate daily with a great moisturizer. Make sure to not try several products, better to avoid any unnecessary skin irritations.

Tip #2 Consider having water proof options for make-up. Cold air and harsh winds bring out the tears. Who wants to cry BEFORE the wedding?!

Tip #3 Your face is your canvas, adding a punch of color makes all the difference. Try a subtly smokey eye or a pop of red for your lips. Bright pinks are a bold, yet beautiful option for this time of year, as well!

Tip #4 Winter light can draw a bluish tint, which deepens dark circles and red blemishes. Look for light reflecting foundations. This will bounce away the bluish tone and neutralize your skin

Tip #5 Here at Sophia’s, we love Sparkle. It’s winter, so a little added glitter won’t look like sweat. Add some sparkle to your eyes or cheeks to complete your wintery look!

Allow this season, to bring out the BOLD in YOU!











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