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It’s time to start trying wedding dresses on! This is a new experience to most–you may not know what kinds of style, silhouettes, necklines, etc. there even are! So, where should you start?

When you start doing your research, you will see many different styles when it comes to bridal gowns. We have created this wedding dress cheat sheet to help you with your research!





These gowns are fitted to the waistline and then flare out to a full skirt. This silhouette is great for a majority of body types. We wouldn’t recommend this shape for petite brides because it tends to cut the body and become overwhelming. But it is a great silhouette for brides with larger hips or brides wanting to show off their waist and but not their hips.



These gowns are fitted to the waistline and then flare out, creating an ‘A’ shape or bell shape. There are also drop-waist A-line gowns that are fitted to the top of the hip and then flare to the ‘A’ shape skirt. This silhouette is great for all body types.



This silhouette is fitted through the body down to the thighs and flares above the knee. This style is excellent for hourglass shapes, petite, or any bride wanting to show off her curves.



This silhouette resembles the trumpet fit; it is fitted through the body down to the knee and flares from there. This style is excellent for hourglass shapes or any bride wanting to show off her curves.



This style of gown is slightly fitted but falls straight to the ground. It has a bit of flow but sticks to the straight silhouette. These gowns are best for straight body types or pear shapes.





A v-neck neckline is just as it sounds. It creates a v look on the dress that can sometimes be plunging. A deep v is a sexy yet classy option for those who want to show a flash of skin. Typically, a sheer or semi-sheer fabric, like tulle, connects the bodice’s two sides to add a little support and privacy.



An illusion neckline features sheer fabric, normally tulle or lace, that expands from the neckline to cover your chest. It offers a little more coverage than having exposed skin, even though you can see through it! An illusion neckline can be lacey or completely see-through, depending on the wedding dress.



This neckline is perfect for a bride who wants to show off her arms and shoulders. The halter neckline pulls to the back of the neck with straps that either hook, button, snap or tie together.



A scoop neck is a rounded neckline that falls just above the bust. It’s a very flattering and feminine take on a classic style.



We love this romantic neckline! It’s great for showcasing your collarbone, chest, and shoulders while still giving you the feel of a strap. The straps on off-the-shoulder necklines usually rest right below your shoulders.



One-shoulder is an asymmetrical neckline that features one strap or sleeve that drapes diagonally across the chest.



This neckline is a popular one! The sweetheart neckline is shaped like the top of a heart. It’s a very flattering look that elongates the neck and torso. This neckline works both with and without straps.



A high neck style is anything covering the chest. This is the perfect neckline for the more conservative bride, and we love how elegant and classy it looks!



Say it with us–LUXURIOUS. This neckline is trending in the bridal world. With this neckline, you have fabric that is folded and draped over at the front and commonly paired with a skinny spaghetti strap.





A strapless wedding gown has no sleeve or strap of any sort.



Spaghetti straps are thin and dainty–they can either be simple or embroidered to add a little detail! These are perfect if you feel you need a little bit of support but still want to show off your shoulders and chest. They add just the right amount of support!



As we mentioned previously, off-the-shoulder style wedding dresses are the epitome of romance. They allow you to show off your skin as the straps gracefully drape off of your shoulders. They are the perfect sexy yet chic style for your wedding day.



Cap sleeves can add coverage and stability while also being chic. They should just cover the shoulder. These paired with a high neck are so sweet and elegant!



There are so many variations of sleeves. You can have a 1/4 sleeve, a 3/4 sleeve, or a full sleeve. Within that, they can be a complete illusion sleeve, or they can feature lace appliques, beading, or embellishments that match those on the dress. They may also have different levels of fullness; bell, balloon, bishop, tight, etc. Sleeves are an excellent option for a cooler climate or a wedding in the cooler months. 

We hope this guide helped you in your wedding dress research process! Be sure to keep it handy when looking up pictures, or even bookmark it to bring back up when you are shopping! Good luck in the wedding planning process, and be sure to come and visit us when it’s time for you to say yes to your dress!

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