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Cake, cake, cake, cake, cake! Who doesn’t love cakes!


One of our favorite things to see at a wedding is what the cake looks like! I mean, come on, who doesn’t look forward to the slice of cake (or two)? Here are some of our favorite trends of beautiful and creative cakes that will be oh so delicious!


Piece of Art


The art of painted buttercream will make you hesitate on slicing into this beauty! This technique adds texture, depth and a lot of va-va-voom. These cakes belong in the art galleries of those art museum weddings!


one of the most beautiful wedding cakes that is hand painted
cake by @emmapagecakes


Fault line cake


We love this version of wedding day cakes! Similar to a geode cake, the new fun and different cake is a fault line cake, which is deliberately made with crevices that are in the middle of the cake this time. Now comes the time when you can fill the crevice with sprinkles, flowers, edible glitter, gold foil – ohh, how the options are ENDLESS! This filling is what creates the “fault line”!



Single Tier


A chic, little single tier is perfect for these Covid Weddings we have to have these days. These types of cakes are also perfect for a Micro Wedding or a fun Elopement! This trend allows for you to show off a little bit of your personal touch in a cute, little unique way.



Printed Cakes


This is a talent we wish we could possess! How beautiful are printed wedding cakes? This technique involves so many different prints that you could incorporate on your wedding cake! We love the look of cakes decorated with this technique because it looks so clean and clear (not to mention beautiful)!


printed wedding day cakes


And now we need something sweet and delicious! We hope you enjoyed looking at all of these beautiful cakes, and maybe even got some inspiration for your own wedding day cake! Go treat yourself to a sweet treat, you deserve it!




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