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If you are planning a wedding, you know how hectic and stressful it truly can be. There are a million things to think about as you plan the day you get to marry the love of your life. We know it can be a lot, but one thing that we strive to make as stress-free and magical for you is finding the dress you get to wear down the aisle. This is one of the most fun parts of the wedding planning process! If you are looking to find a totally unique dress, you should consider attending a trunk show.

 At Sophia’s, we LOVE trunk shows! A trunk show is just another way to find your dream wedding dress–and we are here to tell you how. We will break down trunk shows and answer the most asked questions to educate you so you can attend the next one near you!


What is a trunk show?


Trunk Show


First things first, what even is a trunk show? It’s important to understand how they work before you attend, so that’s what we are here for. A trunk show is an event at a local bridal boutique where designers can showcase their new dresses. This allows brides to try on dresses that aren’t even out yet and get exclusive access to gowns! A representative from the designer is there to answer all of your questions and demonstrate customization’s to get a more personalized experience. It’s a unique process that allows you to find an even more unique dress you have exclusive access to!


What should I know before attending a trunk show?


Wedding dress Trunk Show


Before attending a trunk show it’s important to know a few things. This will help the process flow smoother, prevent any unexpected things from happening, and help you decide if you want to attend one. Here are the things we think you need to know:


Dresses take 4-6 Months


Because you will be looking at new dresses from a specific designer, we will take your measurements and custom order the dress after you say yes! To make the dress and ship to our boutique typically takes around 4-6 months. This means we recommend shopping at least 9-12 months before your wedding to give you time for alterations that may be needed!


You have Access to our Full Collection–Plus New Options


Just because you are attending a trunk show doesn’t mean you can’t try on any other dresses in the store. At a trunk show, you will still have access to the store and our full collection! This is simply an opportunity to check out a designer’s new dresses, and we suggest spending as much time as you can trying these gowns on because they will only be in the store for a limited amount of time.


All Dresses are by one Featured Designer


A trunk show is to debut a specific designer’s new line of dresses. This means that the trunk show is exclusive to that designer, and the event is about their dresses! At Sophia’s, we have many trunk shows a year, and we love being able to bring that experience to our brides in the comfort of our own bridal boutique! If you have a specific designer that you are drawn to, keep your eyes out for an upcoming trunk show in your area! Doing a little bit of research on designers can help you pick and choose which shows you are interested in attending.


Designer Representative will be On-site


This is one of our favorite things about a trunk show! Many times at a trunk show, a designer representative will be on-site to answer any questions you may have about specific dresses, timelines, customization’s, styles, trends, fabrics, and more! We love that they are there and available because it helps to make picking your dress more personable. It can also help ease the anxiety of a purchase that is so special and important. Having a designer rep, and sometimes the designer, there at the trunk show allows you access to the mind behind the dress design!


Early access to Exclusive Designs


A trunk show is an amazing opportunity to snag a rare dress that no one has. If you’re looking for something unique, a trunk show is a perfect place to start!  A trunk show gives you access to designs that won’t be in stores for another season or potentially ever. Because it is the first time a designer will be debuting a new line to the public, it is your chance to get exclusive access. Even if the dresses come out during another season, you will beat everyone to it first!


Bring a Supportive Group


Because trunk shows are a one day experience, you want to be sure that you bring a group that isn’t going to stress you out. You want to come into it open-minded because if you fall in love with a dress, the boutique will only have the gown physically in store for a limited amount of time. Bring a group that you know will support your decisions and pump you up to say yes to the dress!


Trunk Shows are by Appointment Only


An important thing to know is that trunk shows fill up super fast! To ensure everyone has a fair chance at seeing all the dresses and has time to speak with the designer representative, they only go by appointment. Be sure to schedule your appointment quickly so you can secure a spot!


Come Prepared with a Budget


Having a budget is an important part of the wedding planning process. Just like with any appointment, you want to come into it with a plan and a budget, so you know how much you want to spend. With a budget in mind, it will make decisions easier. It can tell you which dresses to stay away from and which dresses are options! Read our blog post on understanding the cost of a wedding dress when you are planning out your budget!

Get access to exclusive gowns and be one of the only brides to say yes to your dress by attending a trunk show. Speaking of trunk shows.. Sophia’s is having a Maggie Sottero trunk show on Saturday, February 6th! Call to make an appointment or visit our website with the link below. We will have a special selection of gowns that aren’t usually on our showroom floor from all 3 Maggie Sottero lines. We are so excited to see you!


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