The Guide To Mix Matched Bridesmaid Dresses

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Finding the perfect bridesmaid dress is not an easy feat! A lot of the time you may think, lets mix and match dresses, but that is not always easier! Now not only are you dealing with meeting everyones body needs, but also, fabrics, color tones, and opinions 😉

Our guide for mix matched bridesmaid dresses will hopefully make the choices a little easier.

  1.  No one color tone. It is impossible to find the exact shade of purple in every dress and no doubt one will stand out to be a little off. It is much safer to go for tones versus colors that way you can have shades of the color. The only way to get away with the exact color is if you use black, gold or white.
  2. Ombre yay or nay? The most important thing to remember when going for an ombre look is to make sure colors are a full shade apart. Dresses that are too similar won’t give you the look you are trying to achieve.
  3. Razzle dazzle. Adding in different textures such as lace, sequins or patterns can look fantastic. It may feel a little scary but don’t be afraid to bring in different materials, it will have a lasting effect on everyone at your wedding.
  4. Too many cooks? Everyone has an opinion on bridesmaid dresses from the girls in the wedding, to grandma jo 😉 It is tempting to give up and just let them choose. However, everyone will feel better if you help by giving direction. You can create a lookbook for them or a pinterest board with colors, patterns and textures you like for them to follow.
  5. Toss out the rule book.  It is so easy to get bombarded with things you read online. Commentary about a maximum or minimum amount of colors or patterns to use. Commentary on hemlines and shoes. But honestly, there are no rules, which leads us to our next point…
  6. It is your day! At the end of the day it is your wedding. The only thing that ultimately matters is are you happy? Make sure you find something that you really like, you do not have to settle.




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