Get Healthy Ends For The Bride to Be!

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You don’t want to look like this on your wedding day:Dry-hair-

Just follow our 3 easy tips below for perfect wedding ready hair!


  1. TRIM IT!  Most brides are growing their hair out for their BIG day, but you still NEED a trim up. I like to call it “dusting”. Get those dead ends off! If you don’t, they will most likely break off or split up the hair shaft  –  its recommended every 8-10 weeks depending on the texture of your hair. Latest-Wedding-Hairstyles-2015-for-Long-Hair0032.  Product- Product- Product!!It always comes down to the basics. Professional shampoo and conditioner is a MUST. Yes, it is a little more expensive but more concentrated, it will last longer. Drug store hair cleansers are full of wax’s, paraffin’s, and sulfates, which all build up on hair and scalp. It weighs down the hair, it will not hold curl, has little shine and also makes it break. Always use a cream and oil on ends. Oil can be put on before and after blow dry, from mids to ends (not on scalp). The amount used depends on hair type. If you use heat often, you need to use heat protectant ALWAYS. 3. Deep condition.  Ahhhh… just the words make you feel better.  You only need 2 minutes to put a thick deep conditioner on your hair! Slap on dry hair, mids to ends. Need to study? Have laundry to fold? Leave it on while you do those things or watch tv  —  I recommend doing this once a week.

Then your hair will be WEDDING READY whether you want it in an updo or down for the big day!

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