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When it comes to planning a wedding, there are many ways that you can go about the process. One of the first things you will want to figure out is how big of a wedding do you want to have? This sets the tone for the rest of the wedding planning process when deciding on the budget, venue, date, catering, etc. Two specific trends that we’ve noticed, especially in today’s world are: micro-wedding and elopement. These trends have their differences, and it can often be confusing how to differentiate the two. We are here to clear the confusion and help you understand because these options could be appealing to you. Would you rather…

Marry your fiancé in front of 20-50 of your nearest & dearest hanging out on the side of a beautiful mountain celebrating love!?


Hop on a plane to a secret, remote island and marry your best friend while the waves crash behind you with only the crabs & the sea turtles to witness your love?!


bride and groom getting married at micro-wedding


What is the difference?


bride carrying a bouquet of flowers in a high neck wedding dress | micro-wedding vs. elopement


A micro-wedding is a bite size version of a traditional wedding. Most definitions say 50 or less loved ones with all the special aspects and time honored traditions that make a wedding, but just smaller. By having a micro-wedding, you still get to enjoy the day with loved ones around you, just on a much smaller scale.

Elopement is, according to Martha, a wedding where just the couple is present that is done in secrecy! Sometimes it is planned and other times, it is just a romance spur of the moment decision. This keeps your special day between you and your partner as you celebrate spending the rest of your lives together.

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Pros & Cons

 bride and groom getting married at a micro-wedding


  • Picking out that special dress no matter what method you choose
  • Marrying your best friend and having a lifetime of memories and adventures
  • Saving some money that you can use to do other fun things to create those memories and take those adventures
  • Having a fun wedding story to tell your children down the road
  • Putting a lot of the stress that goes into planning a mega wedding into just enjoying the moment
  • Handpicking the guest list to be just guests who have a special meaning to you



  • Essentially, there are none when you think about it because you get to marry your best friend in the exact way that you want! Celebrate your love!


Whether you choose a micro-wedding or an elopement, we are so excited for you to begin this journey to forever with your soulmate! The wedding process is unique to each individual, which is the beauty of it all. While each option is different, they are similar in the aspect of celebrating your love as a couple. Your wedding day is all about the joy of a lifelong commitment of love to each other–and regardless of it’s size, you will have each other.

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