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Tattoos are becoming more and more widely accepted and loved. With this growing popularity and love of body ink wedding tattoos are becoming a big trend. As someone with 2 little tattoos herself I love the thought of sealing your marriage with an everlasting notion of love on your skin. Tattoos are a big commitment, but so is marriage! So even if you don’t have tattoos now maybe this is the right moment to take the plunge.

I’m going to explore some different tattoo inspirations that I think are subtle and beautiful.

Roman Numerals

Save the date forever with a simple roman numeral. This way you can never forget your anniversary! ^_^

Hugs and Kisses!

This simple idea is a quick and (less) painful tattoo. If you are afraid of the ink being too painful this is sure to be an easy tattoo to sit through.

White Ink

If you want something really subtle you should get a white ink tattoo. I love these and hope to add one to my collection. They can really end up wonderfully.

Skip the Expensive Jewelry

Get your rings tattoo’d right on. You will never lose it. You will always love it.

Temporary tattoos!

Include a temp tattoo station at your wedding so your guests can match you and your beautiful body art!

Photo by Tino and Pip.

Traditional Wedding Henna

Let’s not forget to celebrate the rich Hindu and Sikh tradition of the bride getting her wedding henna tattoos! These designs always blow my mind! In Hindu tradition they usually celebrate the eve of the wedding by being decorated with Mehendi. So gorgeous!

Did you get a tattoo to commemorate your marriage? Email us and share your photos so we can feature you in our blog!

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