How to Give When You Get Hitched

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Weddings are a huge event. HUGE events take a lot of resources! Even when you DIY you end up with a lot of stuff at the end that you don’t really know what to do with. You buy TONS of food, flowers, decorations, clothes, services,…etc. Have you ever thought about how you can make your wedding not only into a celebration of your love, but a moment to give to those in need.

Here are some ideas to give back to your community through your wedding celebration.

1.Turn your bachelor or bachelorette party into a community service event.
Instead of throwing a huge party where you and your bridal party get very drunk and spend a lot of money try planning a day to serve your community. You can plan a day to go plant trees, work at a soup kitchen, help collect non perishables for shelters. Of course you can always have some bubbly after your done. 😉


2. Wedding CHARITY instead of Registry

In lieu of wedding registry’s where people get you a bunch of stuff  you probably don’t need, share with your guests a charity fund you have started for your favorite charity. You can start a bank account to keep track of how much you raise then announce the amount at your reception. You can have fun events to get people to donate money at the reception, but I would tell people to bring cash in advance to donate. Instead of wedding favors you can leave a note at each plate telling your guests that you made a donation in their name.

3. Donate leftover food


Ask your food vendor if they donate leftovers and make preparations for them to donate from your wedding. Contact a shelter that can benefit from the food and maybe  set up a food runner to pick up and drop off the leftovers.

4. Donate Flowers

 Donate your flower arrangements to a local nursing home.  Let someone enjoy your beautiful flowers after the big day. Maybe even deliver the flowers to the occupants  yourself! It will make them smile  and you smile! 🙂



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