Taylor married her dream man at Valle Vista Country Club

Our sweet bride Taylor got married in a gorgeous ceremony! She is stunning in her satin fitted wedding dress and looked so beautiful and glowing with happiness!

What was your grooms reaction to seeing you for the first time in your wedding dress?

The grooms reaction to seeing me was something I have been waiting my entire life for, he was completely shocked and speechless, we did the traditional way and he did not see me until I was walking down the isle and that is something I will never regret!

What piece of advice would you give brides planning now?

The one piece of advise I would give to brides is to make sure you take in every moment of the day as it goes very fast! 

What was your favorite detail/element of your wedding?

My favorite part of our day was probably standing at the alter with my soon to be husband and our son (he was 3.5 years at the time) and looking around at all the family and friends that came for us, to watch us become husband and wife. It was such a special feeling. 

Did you take a honeymoon? Where?

Our honeymoon was at South Coast, Jamaica. It was the most amazing and beautiful place we have ever seen and we cannot wait to go back! 


Photography: Jordan Childers Photography
Videography: Holly DeMott Videography
Our venue included everything else: Valle Vista County Club Greenwood, IN