20 Hairstyles to Wear on your Wedding Day

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Your wedding day is full of details that bring it all together. From the venue to the dress to the food you pick to be catered, you spend time creating the perfect day that you will remember forever. Every detail reflects the love that is unique to each couple and leads to the moment everyone has gathered to celebrate. You envision the romance swirling in the air as you walk down the aisle to your finance, and all eyes are on you. You may have already chosen the dress, along with the jewelry on your neck and wrist (and obviously that AMAZING ring on your finger!)–but what hairstyles do you have to choose from for one of the most important days of your life?

Look no further for inspiration because we have you covered! Your wedding day hairstyle is just as important as all the other details, and it is what pulls your look together. This is where you can get creative and set your vision in place. While the list goes on of classic updos, whimsical waves, loose braids, and romantic half-up, half-down hairstyles, we listed some of our favorites. Follow along to find your perfect wedding day ‘do!

Textured Side Bun


Textured Side Bun Wedding Day Hairstyles

A textured side bun can really add some dimension to your average bun. Tousling some of the hairs and bringing some tendrils around to frame the face is an amazing way to spice up the bun. These hairstyles will leave you ready to strut down the aisle feeling like the beautiful bride you are!


Whimsical Side Braid


Side Braid Wedding Day Hairstyles

What is better than a braid incorporated in your wedding hair, than a side-braid? A side braid can magically showcase your hair. It brings it to the front, which is perfect for a dress that has less detail up top. Pull that hair to the front, and you have a wonderfully whimsical wedding day hairdo.


Dreamy Crown/Halo Braids


Crown Braid Wedding Day Hairstyles

We love a good crown/halo braid! There is nothing more royal and romantic. A crown braid can have a formal look but can also be loosened up for a more playful, relaxed vibe. Whatever vibe you are going for on your wedding day, this style has you covered. Many variations of this style will leave you looking flawless.


Loose Beachy Waves


Loose Beach Wave Hairstyle

There is something about a loose beachy wave that screams effortless beauty. The loose beach waves are a low-maintenance hairdo that will leave you feeling light and airy on your big day. These are a good option if choosing sand as your aisle or even a fancy ballroom. There is no going wrong with this hairstyle.


Luxurious Bridal Curls


Luxurious Bridal Curls

Luxurious Bridal Curls are a classic and for a good reason. Choosing defined and bouncy curls is sure to give you that extra wow-factor. You can dress the curls up with some bling or go for a more boho feel with some flowers. The good thing about these classic curls is that you have room to make this style fit your personality!


Smooth and Silky Blowout


Blow out on your Wedding Day

Bring sexy and sultry vibes to your wedding when you choose a smooth blowout. This hairstyle is bound to leave you feeling polished and primped for your big day. This is a wonderful style that can bring a little bit of softness to your look, with some loose curls at the end.


Headband Hairstyles


Headband Wedding Look

Headbands are one of our FAVORITE accessories–I mean can you blame us? Look how beautiful! You can use them in many ways, whether it’s to spice up a more natural look, or add more bling to an already glam look. They can add a lot of dimension to your wedding day look while being subtle and elegant.


Sleek and Straight


Sleek and Straight Hairstyle for you Wedding

Sleek and straight hairstyles never gets old–A low-maintenance look that is stunning on any shade/texture of hair. Keep things simple and sleek by choosing a straight hairdo. Feel free to dress it up with some accessories or not. The best thing about straight hairstyles is that they look elegant and romantic on their own.


Low-Set Textured Ponytail


Low set Textured Ponytail

A ponytail on your wedding day? Sign us up! We love hairstyles where you have no worries about your hair all day. With a ponytail, your hair will be up and out of your face so you can truly take in every moment with no worries. Adding a little bit of texture to a ponytail can give you that romantic feel you are going for too! This style is amazing if you have some intricate details you want to showcase on the front of your gown, or even if you are going for a more simple, clean vibe. Either way, you avoid going wrong with a low-set, textured pony!


Undone Curly Bun


Undone Curly Bun

Some soft curls tucked away gently into a bun is the perfect way to showcase that open back gown or a gown with details that you want to be seen on the back. Use some loose tendrils to frame the face, and this is one of our favorite looks you could choose! This style is so romantic and versatile.


Romantic Side Sweep


Romantic Side Sweep Wedding Day Hairstyles

If you like your hair down but not touching your neck, the romantic side sweep is the hairdo for you! This hairstyle is for anyone with long or short hair, curly, straight, or wavy, and any color! Something about sweeping the hair to the front is romantic and allows you to show off your luscious locks effortlessly.


Ballerina Bun


Ballerina Bun Wedding Hairstyle

A ballerina bun is always a fun way to wear your hair on your wedding day. It’s one of those hairstyles that leaves you feeling like a princess. We love this look and think it add such a sweet touch to an even sweeter day! You can also pair this look with a glamorous tiara or headband to spice it up a little.


Half-Up Half-Down


Half up Half Down Hairstyles for your Wedding Day

With a half-up, half-down ‘do you get the best of both worlds. You can pair this hairstyle with loose waves, voluminous curls, or even straight hair! Half-up, Half-down is a classic hairstyle that allows you to add dimension and depth to your hair while beautifully displaying it on your special day. Choose an elegant hairstyle that is sure to fit flawlessly with any venue or time of day. For those thick-headed girls out there, a half-up, half-down hairstyle might help lighten the load that you have to carry around on your wedding day.


Flower Crowns


Flower Crown

Adding a flower crown can bring elegance to any basic hairstyle. It can give you that fresh, garden feel or an effortless bohemian vibe. Whether the venue is a barn, the beach, or a ballroom, a flower crown is a perfect addition to any wedding day hairdo. With endless variations, you are sure to look unique and beautiful on your big day!


Fun Fishtail Braids


Waterfall Braid for your Wedding Day Hairdo

Fishtail braids add fun and flirtiness to your hairstyle. A positive about these braids is that they can be incorporated throughout your hair if you want to wear it down or braided into the crown of your head if you want to wear it up. These braids can add an extra wow factor that you are looking for.


Sweet and Swirly Updo


Swirly Updo for your Wedding Day

A swirly updo takes things up a notch. If you value details, you will be blown away by these types of hairstyles. It will leave you feeling and looking regal and ready to take on the aisle. Add some bling to make your look even more breathtaking.


Braided Chignon


Braided Chignon for your wedding day

With a braided chignon, you will be oozing sophistication and class. It is the perfect feminine hairstyle to wear on your wedding day. A braided chignon could even be done by yourself if you were looking for a low-maintenance hairstyle! Blow everyone away with the intricate details that you can incorporate into this style.


Half-up, Half-down with a Twist


Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles

A half-up, half-down hairstyle is already a romantic option for your wedding day, but add a twist, and you have a whimsical look that everyone will be swooning over. If you are going for a care-free, whimsical vibe, a loose twisted half-up hairstyle is the one for you. This is an effortless look that anyone can pull off. Add some fishtail braids through the hair for even more amazing details.


Half-Up Crown


Half up Crown Wedding

Another effortless half-up hairstyle is a half-up crown. Incorporating a crown braid in your half-up hairstyle gives detail to an otherwise basic style. This hairstyle screams chic and is sure to wow everyone.


Water-falling Braid


 Waterfall Braid Wedding Hairstyle

If you want to add some dimension to your wedding day hairdo, the waterfalling braid was made for you. Give your hair an eye-catching look that won’t leave you disappointed. This hairstyle, incorporated into curls has got to be one of our favorite looks.

When envisioning your wedding look, you want it to really be a representation of your personality. Your dress is going to be the most self-expressive piece of clothing you will ever buy, which can correlate to the rest of your look. When choosing your wedding day hairstyle, pick a look that feels like you and brings out your personality! You want to be comfortable and confident, and any of these hairstyles are sure to leave you feeling that way.




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