We were so lucky to work with Sara to find her perfect wedding dress when she was home for Christmas holiday from beautiful San Diego, California! She was born and raised in Indiana and is now a military helicopter pilot in the Navy!

We asked Sara what advice she has for other couples and she said:

My husband and I are both military helicopter pilots, him in the Marines and me in the Navy, and we met during flight school in Pensacola, Florida. Thanks to back-to-back deployments, we have spent more time apart than together. For my piece of advice, cherish every moment together. Big dates or grand romantic gestures are nice, but just curling up on the couch to watch a movie or waking up late together on a weekend, these are the true moments of paradise. 

Sara wore a GORGEOUS Lillian West wedding dress, so perfect for her with the lovely lace and open back. You can see more dresses from Lillian West and Justin Alexander on our website here!

I love how the red really pops and looks so good with the grooms dress military uniform! And the styles each girl is wearing for her bridesmaid dress is perfect!

Thank you BOTH for your service, and congratulations on your wedding! We couldn’t be more happy for you both!

Photography by Deb Shields Photography