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It’s 2017 and we are seeing girls take over. It’s no longer just the guys asking girls to prom. I kinda love seeing the tables turned on this one. Instagram and Twitter are filling with pictures and videos of creative promposals. I recently watched a video that went viral, of a High-school Cheerleader asking a basketball player to prom during half time. The whole routine was super cute and involved the whole crowd. It’s such a fun promposal.

Click here  to watch a super cute Promposal!

Have you been thinking about asking your boyfriend or maybe a guy from school to prom? Are you nervous, stressed and have no clue what to plan? Don’t stress, I’ve gathered some cute ideas to help you get some prom-spiration! But first some things to consider in the planning…..

Location: Where do you want the asking to happen? Or if you’re doing a scavenger hunt, what stops along the way?

People: Is it just you attending or are you planning an audience? Make sure to gather your squad, they’ll not only be awesome support but you could probably use their help.

Props: Posters, costumes ect. You’ve decided how you’re planning to ask, now you’ll want to consider the items you’ll need.

Below is some inspiration….

Promposals - doughnuts

Because, well who says no to doughnuts?!


This is simple enough-Fill locker with balloons….decorate….Prom.


I love the poster that have these little touches.


This is a classic. I have seen this one and the “it may sound cheesy…but will you go to prom?” Who DOESN’T love pizza?


This one would for sure take a lot of balls….but how awesome is the finished product?!


Because who doesn’t want to take Superman to prom?!


We want to hear from you, do you have an awesome promposal story? Share in the comments below!


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