How to Pick out the Perfect Groom Attire

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Let’s talk tuxes! Picking the perfect tux to match your dress is HUGE! The attire of the groom can be the determining factor of whether or not your wedding party looks cohesive or not. Since this is where you usually tie in color, along with the bridesmaids, you want to make sure it represents your wedding theme! 

When you pick out your wedding dress, you consider all the things–the wedding theme, season, venue, etc. When picking a tux/suit for the groom, the situation should be no different! You have to consider all the elements of the wedding and choose a tux that matches accordingly. There are a few key things that go into picking the tux, and we’ll break them all down for you here:

Suit Vs. Tux


Difference between a suit and a tux


First things first, you have to decide how formal you want to go with the groom’s attire. You can read our blog here on differentiating between the two, but the first decision should be choosing a tux or suit. A tux is more formal, where a suit is more relaxed and casual. Both are the perfect look for your wedding day, so it’s totally personal preference on this one. At Sophia’s, we have both! We rent through Jim’s Formal Wear and have some for purchase options as well.

Fit the Theme

Whether you’re planning for a whimsical fairytale or a relaxed beach wedding, this is one of the top things to consider when picking out the groom’s attire. Let’s go theme by theme, and pick out some good tux options.



black tuxedo


Nothing says elegant quite like a black tux. The classic black tux is sleek, sophisticated, and polished. If a black tux isn’t your vibe, opt for the complete opposite–a white tux with black lapels! This is a playful take on the traditional classic look. 



blue tux for a modern wedding


You really can’t go wrong with a blue suit or tux for the groom, and this color screams modern! It’s one of our favorite looks, and you can even incorporate some fun floral prints when it comes to neck wear to add some dimension! Some of our favorite shades that we offer are:

  • Navy
  • Indigo
  • Cobalt



whimsical groom attire


There is something so magical about the whimsical-themed wedding. You want to keep the vibes light, airy, and fun with this route–and there are no other colors better than light blue, caramel/tan, and heather grey to complement it.



beach wedding vibes with tan groom attire


Tan is always a classic when it comes to the beach. It just WORKS when you’re getting married on the sand, right by the water. It’s a sleek color that flows effortlessly into this wedding theme. Another fantastic color for a beach wedding is light grey. Nothing too contrasting, and you can always add a pop of color through the chosen neck wear. If you want to bump up the contrast between the beach and groom, go for a dark blue or black. The options are endless when you choose a beach-themed wedding!

Coordinate with the bride


bride and groom matching on their wedding day


A matching couple on the big day is essential! Consider the bride’s dress when picking out the groom’s look. Wedding gowns nowadays incorporate a lot of colors other than white. You have champagne, blush, mocha, titanium, moscato, ivory, etc. You want to make sure the color chosen for the groom doesn’t clash with the bride. You can even match neck wear to the brides dress, or flowers. If the bride’s dress has a more champagne color to it, opt for a champagne bow tie or neck tie.

Consider the Season


winter wedding season and the groom is in a green velvet tux


The season can affect a lot when it comes to the groom’s attire. It’s probably not best to wear a full 100% wool suit if you have a beach wedding or outdoor wedding in the middle of August. You will want to stick to a cool and lightweight fabric; that way, you are comfortable on your wedding day, and vice versa. If you are having a wedding in the year’s cooler months, opt for a warmer fabric.

At Sophia’s, we’ve got something to help you through every step of the way! When you become a Sophia’s bride, you get amazing discounts on tuxes, packages, and bridesmaids. We will pair you with a stylist to help in each area to ensure you have the most smooth wedding process you could ever imagine! Let us take care of the hard stuff, and you just tell us what you need. Schedule an appointment at any of our 3 locations to get your groom attire picked out for the big day.


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