How to get the perfect bohemian wedding style

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Bohemian wedding trends have been huge lately, and we love being able to show off your own personal style on your wedding day! This can easily be seen in your wedding dress, your decor, your location, and more! Today we will show you 5 fun ways to incorporate a bohemian wedding style on your wedding day!

So what is bohemian exactly?

The dictionary says bohemian is “socially unconventional in an artistic way.” In the wedding world that usually looks like a lot of textures, colors, lace and flowers! Adding unique elements that give a traditional wedding an artistic twist!

First – The wedding dress!

Obviously we love talking about the wedding dress! Sophia’s Bridal prides itself on having unique and out-of-the-norm styles to really pair your personality with your wedding dress!

Here are a few of our favorites to get you started!

Wedding Decor

When it comes to wedding decor, you have such a huge range of things you can do! The best part about this style is that it is truly ALL ABOUT YOU! You like flowers, go girl! You want feathers, let’s do it! You want rugs, pile them on! So let’s look at a few ideas!


I love this trend! It adds so much texture and color to your wedding ceremony decor!

Photo by Jenny Mundy Photography

Flowers, Flowers, EVERYWHERE!

Adding in the flowers in bouquets, decor, and of course a flower crown!

Using unique flowers that offer a lot of textures in your boutonnieres and wedding bouquets are so fun too!

Ceremony backdrop ideas

This is the time to get creative! SO many unique ideas for decorating your ceremony location, here are a few we loved!

This cool lace backdrop uses texture and adding all the flowers takes it to the next level! Also note the different vases and flowers down below!

Dress up an arbor with some lightweight fabric for the perfect wedding ceremony! The Colorado mountains aren’t a bad backdrop either!

Adding in elements of copper and brass are a great way to get creative!


Feathers and this wheat texture add a really cool element!

Photography from http://natalyjphotography.com/

Ceremony and Reception Location

The Sycamore at Mallow Run is a great venue on the South Side of Indianapolis! They have really cool places throughout the property and indoor and outside options!

Avon Wedding Barn is another great location to look into!

Looking for a more modern twist – check out BASH and their crisp white venue!

Grooms Tuxedo

Now, your Groom and groomsmen can get a little creative, or keep it simple. I think the key is that they feel comfortable and look good! Here are a few ideas we have!

Grey and tans look nice and a little more relaxed then a traditional black tux. You can add a floral tie or a contrasting vest to give more texture and layers.

Bridesmaid’s Dresses

I love seeing more of a mix-match approach to bridesmaids. I think that gives the artistic flare and unique style most bohemian weddings are going for! Check out this unique color pallets you could attempt.

Check out this yellow pallet wedding on June Bug Weddings – so lovely!

And take a look at our gallery to mix and match the perfect combos for your bridesmaids!

What is the perfect formula for your bohemian wedding?

I think the only thing required in a perfect wedding is the couple. The rest is just the cherry on top! But, if you want a Pinterest ready wedding, here’s what I think…

What do you think?

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