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Congratulations on your engagement! We have the perfect guide to what you need to do next! You're Engaged, Now What?

  1. This may be the most important step, CELEBRATE! Grab some bubbly and some chocolate covered strawberries and enjoy the moment. Savor it! It only comes once:)
  2. Once you have reveled in the joy with your new finance, grab the phone and call your family and friends. Have a photo ready to send and to save time have some quick answers ready for them. And cut and paste your text and send it out to group messages.
  3. PINTEREST, if you do not have an account GET one! It will save you so much time and give you SO many ideas. You will love being able to look up wedding dress designers and get wedding inspiration. It really will be your best friend!
  4. Set a date – All other planning depends on your date. It is hard to get a dress or get an idea of a theme without a date. And this will be the first thing everyone asks you:)
  5. Create a wedding website where you can post updates, have registry information and pictures to keep family in the loop without having to make 50 calls.
  6. Schedule, schedule, schedule! Call your bridal stores, find a photographer and schedule appointments with both so you do not miss out on getting on their schedules.


Have fun!



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