Who Will Walk You Down The Aisle?

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This can be one of the BIGGEST questions a bride can face! It is one that for some has a very simple answer – my dad! But for others who may not have a dad, or did not have a present father in their lives this can be tricky!

Just because tradition has it that the father walks his daughter down the aisle, that does not mean that is what HAS to be done. The person who walks you down the aisle should be someone you love and respect. Someone you look up to and admire. Someone who loves you and respects you. Here are our tips on who that person can be:

  • Both parents! There is nothing that says it HAS to be just your dad, we love seeing parents walk their daughter down the aisle and give her away together. Such a special moment for parents!
  • Grandparents are with us from the moment we are born, supporting our parents in their parenting. They are usually the silent loving second pair of eyes that watch over us as we grow up. We think that grandparents make a great candidate!
  • Aunts and uncles are a fantastic option because they a lot of the time become like second parents. They are the ones we like to do fun things with and share all of our boy secrets to, so why should they not have the honor of walking us down the aisle.
  • Your GROOM! While this sounds very untraditional, however it is a good way to not offend either parent in cases such as divorce. We have seen grooms meet their brides at the doors to the church and walk them down the aisle – it is very romantic!

Who has walked you down the aisle and what would  you recommend to brides in facing this question?


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