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At Sophia’s, we love to go beyond the dress to make sure we can help every bride during their entire wedding planning process. We see our brides from the beginning of their wedding journey until just days before their big day.  We’ve teamed up with the best of the best vendors in the wedding industry and today, we want to introduce you to a Wedding Planner that goes beyond your imagination!

We’ve asked Jillian to tell us about Frame Worthy Events.

1. Tell us your name and what your role is in your business?

Jillian (now Zilch! no longer Keller!) – Principal Coordinator/Owner of Frame Worthy Events.

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Q. What led you to become a Wedding Planner?

A. My background is actually in events but not specifically weddings. Mostly corporate and non-profit. I’ve handled events from all angles; multi-million dollar three-day corporate symposiums, community-wide marathons, and fundraisers. You’d think this would mean I’d stick to those types of events but I really felt like the wide range of planning experience would best be exercised in weddings, where absolutely anything can go wrong without warning. I still love the corporate side of events and we stretch those professional muscles Monday through Friday but the personal relationships built through weddings are why I get up every morning. Brides are family by the time the wedding comes around.

Q. Tell us about a typical engagement with a couple. What is the process for them when working with you?

A. Every wedding is different so this is hard to nail down. Naturally, it depends on the package level they have with FWE. We customize each package to each couple’s needs. Some couples plan more efficently via email, some prefer a cup of coffee in person. We focus on matching their preferences without sacraficing the to-do list. We are better planners when we know our couple as well as possible. I am best at my job when I know the bride well enough to be able to make an executive decision on her wedding day that I know would be her preference. Our process revolves around that relationship, helping them plan their wedding feels like a natural conversation after that.

Wedding Planner ModeThe personal touches Jillian offers is what makes her so so wonderful!

Q. What is your biggest tip for a couple to consider when scheduling to meet with you?

A. As much as we try to make our bride’s feel like they are our only bride, the reality is that we have up to 30 other weddings and events we might currently be working on. The couple we are currently working on is always our priority but remember that we are at weddings on Saturdays, we need sleep too, and we can’t manage family therapy. Come prepared to meetings and remember we are here to help but your decisions are crucial in moving forward.

Q. What are some things to avoid when a couple is looking for a Wedding Planner?

A. I would say inexperienced planners. This includes designating aunts, sisters, cousins, etc. for set up and responsbility for your day. Day-of coordinators are extremely attainable budget-wise in Indiana. With most weddings, you can forgo wedding favors and a champagne toast and that will allow enough budget to cover a wedding coordinator. It is the best possible money you can invest in your day.Good planners are only good because they have seen weddings over and over, every weekend for years. That is the kind of experience you are going to want on your wedding day. Your Aunt or the planner that you hired that does it on the side while working a full-time position outside of planning will not be prepared to handle the caterer who arrived with the wrong linens on your wedding day. Take it from someone who just got married herself, I hired a planner. And I do this for a living.

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Q. How far in advance should a couple expect to book your services?

A. Currently, 12 to 18 months. We are booking up popular dates in 2018 already. Every once in a while we get lucky with a date that might still be available in the off months but if you are looking at May/June or September/October, you need to be booking now. That goes for all of your vendors, not just a coordinator.

Q. Could you tell us about a memorable experience you had with a couple as their Wedding Planner?

A. We work in weddings, every last one of them is unforgettable and we certainly can’t pick favorites. But one of my memories that stands out the most is Rachel and Jake. Rachel is a huge fan of fanny packs. The girl practically collects them and is independently attempting to revitalize their popularity. She had spare fabric and lace from her gown made into a fanny pack to match that she wore for the reception. Each bridal party member recieved one that fit their personality. It was incredible. For wedding favors, she ordered dozens and dozens of fanny packs, one for each guest. Some were lime green, some had unicorns on them, all packed with party favors for the evening  glow sticks! Even the vendors received one. We wore them all night, the photo booth pictures are full of them. We realized by wearing them for the evening how truly helpful and practical they were!! Try one! It will change your life! By the end of the night, every guest had been converted. We now wear fanny packs (all though I invested in understated all black ones for our team) for every wedding to hold our keys, phones, scissors, lighters, all the things we need all day from our kits. It has been life changing and I have Rachel to thank for it!

For couples looking for a Wedding Planner, what is the best way to contact you?


(317) 697-0099

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