Tips on Accessorizing your Wedding Dress

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We all know that finding a dress to walk down the aisle is an essential part of the wedding planning process (it might even be the most fun part too)! Finding a dress that you feel comfortable, beautiful, confident, and most like yourself in makes the fact that you’re getting married so much more real. What people don’t think about is accessorizing to compliment this dress! 

Accessorizing is a whole new ball game that can spice up your wedding look. You have jewelry, shoes, belts, veils, jean jackets, and so much more to think about (but in a fun way, not the overwhelming way)! We love the accessorizing part of planning your wedding look because these pieces help you create a unique style that no one has ever seen! Accessorizing is what helps create a look that is truly YOU. Whether your goal is to channel sleek and sophisticated or glitz and glam, these accessories are sure to make you dazzle before saying I do:


Types of Accessories


beautiful pearl veil for accessorizing your wedding dress




First things first: deciding if you will wear a veil can help you make other decisions in the accessories department. If you choose to wear a veil, what kind do you want? Length comes first and often is easier to decide once you have a dress on your body. Here are just a few you should know when deciding:


  • Fingertip
  • Cathedral
  • Blusher
  • Tiered
  • Birdcage


Once you pick the length, you can start to think of the edge design. Some of our favorites are:


  • A Raw, Handcut Edge
  • Pearl Edge Trim
  • Rhinestone Edge Trim
  • A Lace Edge
  • Scalloped Edging


These are just a few options that we love right now! A veil is a great accessory to add to the bridal look and even make some killer pictures. While there are some beautiful veil options, many people opt to skip this accessory altogether.Our best advice is to try one on, and if you love it then you know it’s perfect for your wedding! If not, then you know you tried it and it’s not for you! This is a stress free zone.


bridal headband--accessorizing your wedding dress




Choosing a hairpiece when accessorizing is so fun and should probably be done after deciding on a hairstyle/veil. Whether you choose to wear a veil down the aisle or not can help you determine if you want a more simple hairpiece or want to go all out. Headbands are a big trend right now in the bridal world. They can be glitz and glam with all the rhinestones, or they can lean towards a soft romance with greenery intertwined with flowers. Another great thing about headbands is that they complement all hairstyles. Whether you wear your hair up or down, long or short, a headband will look good no matter what! 

Some other hair accessories that we like right now are hair combs. Hair combs can be a great addition to any hairstyle if you choose to wear a veil and want something more subtle. You can tuck them at the top of a veil or even in a low bun to create a sleek but glamorous vibe.


wedding accessorizing with jewelry




Jewelry is one of the more apparent accessories. Most people think, wedding ring (duh!), necklace, and earrings. While these are the typical jewelry pieces that a bride wears, some factors affect these decisions. Your goal is to compliment your wedding dress, not compete with it. These are some of the things we consider before picking out jewelry:




The neckline of your wedding dress is something you need to think about when choosing your jewelry pieces. Necklaces pair best with an open neckline so that it doesn’t interfere or compete with the dress in any way. 


  • Strapless necklines leave your entire neck exposed, which is perfect for a statement necklace.
  • Classic v-neck shapes go perfectly with any gemstone pendant or drop pendant to accentuate and follow the lines of the v-neck. You can even pair a layered choker/pendant combo with a v-neck dress to add a little dimension.
  • If you are wearing an elaborate high neck wedding dress, you may want to skip the necklace and opt for a cuff or bangle to balance the material.




Sleeves add so much dimension to a dress as it is. You may only need to wear your wedding ring, earrings, and a necklace to complement it flawlessly.

Whatever jewelry you may choose, we believe less is more in this department, so our tip is not to overdo it. A couple of beautiful, quality jewelry pieces will do the trick for your wedding day look.


wedding dress accessorizing belt with rhinestones




When a dress doesn’t have enough glitz and glam for you, we can fix that by accessorizing! Belts are the perfect accessory to add a little detail that your dress is missing. From sparkly embellishments to a floral touch, you can add a belt to any dress. It doesn’t matter if your dress is clean and classic or has full lace throughout; you can add a belt. 


light-wash bridal jean jacket with pearl details




A cover-up is a must if your wedding is during the colder months or in a colder setting. You can even choose to wear a cover-up in a warmer weather wedding, but it is essential to use a lightweight fabric. Cover-ups can vary from a shawl to a bridal wrap to a jacket. A bridal cover-up is perfect for those who want to add more accessories to their look, opt for more modesty during the ceremony, or need a little more coverage in the cold weather. They can also be useful for pictures to create a variety of looks.

We love the look of a bridal wrap or shawl in the winter for a more elegant and romantic vibe. You can even use lightweight fabrics to create a look for a warm-weather wedding! Another way you can use a cover-up when accessorizing your wedding look is with a jean jacket. You can wear a jean jacket through your wedding planning journey, on the wedding day, in the pictures, and even after the wedding. Jean jackets make a great multi-purpose accessory because you can wear them before, during, and past your actual wedding day! They add a relaxed element to any bridal look, and they are very on-trend right now! We’ve got you covered at Sophia’s with light-washed pearl detail or dark distressed denim jean jackets.


sparkly wedding shoes--heels with pearl beads and detailing




Your bridal look wouldn’t be complete without the shoes you plan to wear. Bridal shoes can be tricky because you want a cute pair of shoes to wear that will also be comfortable. You want to be able to walk and dance all day/night on your wedding day, so what shoes do you pick? The answer to this question can vary depending on several things. 

If you are getting married on a beach, you would probably opt to go barefoot rather than wearing a 4-inch heel for ease of walking. If you walk down a grassy aisle, you may choose to go with a sneaker to keep from sinking. A hard ballroom floor may call for a cute low heel so that you can have your comfort but stability when walking down the aisle. It truly depends on the person, but a big trend we have been seeing is a sparkly sneaker (vans, converse, toms, etc.)

Some things you want to consider when shopping for shoes are the shoe’s height, strap type, and the amount of structure or support. You can also consider buying gel insole or heel grips to increase comfortability on your wedding day! These will be the accessory that literally carries you through the day, so comfort is essential.


Less is More


As we mentioned earlier, you don’t want to overwhelm your dress. You need to take a step back from your dress and think about what you really want to add to it. Don’t think because there are other accessories, you NEED to have them. You are the main focus point, not your accessories. Not every accessory complements every dress, so it’s okay to skip out on some!

Accessorizing your look is how you personalize it to match your style and wedding vibe. Once you choose your dress, the vision gets much clearer. The neckline, straps/sleeves, and style/silhouette will give you a better idea of the accessories that will go best. Have fun when choosing your accessories, and let them genuinely reflect your personality on your big day. Come in to Sophia’s to shop around and get a better idea of what wedding day accessories you need!


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