The Pros & Cons of Digital vs. Traditional Wedding Invitations

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If you are planning a wedding, you’ve probably already got your guest list started–but how are you going to relay your big day to those special people? The traditional answer would be obvious: get their address, and send them a formal invitation through the mail. While this is an excellent method, going paperless can help save money, create convenience, and contribute to a greener world. Here we will break down the pros and cons of digital and traditional paper wedding invitations to make it easier to decide what’s best for you. 

Deciding Which Wedding Invitation Method to Use–

A wedding invitation is the first official impression that a couple will leave on their guests regarding the wedding. The personality of the couple can shine through here, so there are things to think about. One of the first things you should ask yourself is: How formal is the wedding going to be? Because the invitation is your guest’s first impression, you want it to portray the vibe of your wedding. It should give the guests an idea of what to expect! Take a look at some of the pros and cons of the two methods:

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Traditional Paper Wedding Invitations

Traditional paper wedding invitations are just as they sound. They are a piece of paper that can include the wedding details, a fun engagement photo, RSVPs, and more. They are a special reminder that couples send out about their wedding coming up! The traditional wedding invitation travels through the mail to a specific person’s address. If you are unsure if this method is for you, take a look at some of the pros and cons:


Fun & Personal

When you’re going through your stack of mail and come across a wedding invitation, it’s so fun! You open it up, read it, and usually stick it on the fridge. It’s a fun reminder that those close to you are saying “I do,” and you get to be a part of their special day. It’s something that they can place in a spot to remind them constantly, and it’s hard to miss.

Wedding Day Keepsake

With a hard copy of your invitation, you can take one as a keepsake after the wedding. A hard copy can be utilized in a scrapbook or just kept for you and your loved one to look back on. It’s a lovely reminder of the day you said, “I do.” Another great benefit of traditional wedding invitations is that you can do more detail shots with them! Some of the most special and beautiful wedding day shots are of all the details that helped bring your wedding day to life.


A paper invitation is the traditional wedding invitation method. It’s what people expect when they hear of a wedding, so they will be excited to receive it.


More Expensive

The cost of a paper wedding invitation can quickly add up depending on the type of paper, color, weight, and inserts you want to include. It can be fun to think of all these creative ways to make your wedding invitations fun and unique; however, you might see a higher price at the end. There are other things to factor in, such as the shipping and printing cost, that can also raise the price per invite.


With paper invitations, there is a lot to factor in timeline-wise. It takes time to design the invitations and any inserts, have them printed, approve them, and ship them out. Will you have time to stuff, seal, stamp, sign, and address every single invitation, or will you have a friend or family member help? Finding the time to do this can be stressful when you have all of the other wedding planning things on your plate.

Mail Delays or Losses

Paper wedding invitations run the risk of getting lost in the mail. If you don’t have the proper address, or if the mail gets mixed up, that guest won’t know you invited them. Mail delays or losses could cause some confusion that would complicate your wedding day. It may be a good idea to reach out to anyone you don’t hear back from to make sure they received their invite before finalizing any wedding day plans.


digital wedding invitation


Digital Wedding Invitations

Digital wedding invitations are on the rise in popularity. It’s an easy and effective way to inform your guest of wedding details, collect RSVPs, and more, all online. It’s become increasingly popular because of its low-cost and environmentally-friendly qualities. Let’s take a closer look to see if it’s worth it. Here are some pros and cons of digital wedding invitations:


Low Cost

A digital wedding invitation costs significantly less than a traditional paper invitation. If you are on a budget or would rather spend money on other portions of your wedding, we suggest going paperless!


A huge plus about going paperless is that it is eco-friendly. If you are an environmentally conscious couple, this is the perfect option for you. With this method, you don’t have to worry about wasting paper that some may just throw away after the big day.

Simplistic and Quick

There are plenty of websites that feature beautiful invitation designs and some websites that even track your invitations. This way, you don’t have to worry about monitoring your RSVPs yourself. Your guests can RSVP with the click of a button, and the website will track it for you. This makes things easy for your guests, too, as they don’t have to mail an RSVP back to you. Designing, proofing, finalizing, and sending can be much easier when you can do it from your computer.

Not only is it a simple process, if your wedding is time-sensitive and you need them sent out quickly–there is no issue! Plus, you don’t have to spend all of that extra time licking envelopes, using your best handwriting, and sending them off. Going the paperless route can save you papercuts, hand cramps, and time.


Not as Personal or Formal

Because the traditional way to send an invitation is through the mail, some may not view a digital wedding invitation as urgent. People enjoy these traditions and having mail shipped directly to their address. A paperless invite may not feel as personal, and it’s not as formal as receiving a designed invitation in the mail.

Technology Malfunctions/Delivery Issues

Technology is a fantastic tool if you know how to use it properly. If you aren’t the best with technology, maybe it isn’t the best option for sending invitations for one of the most memorable days of your life. Not only can technology be tricky to use, but you also have to assess the individuals you are sending the invitations to. Are there many older family members to who you will be attempting to send wedding invitations? You have to make sure they can conveniently receive the invitation to guarantee they are coming. Older generations may not have easy access to a computer, which can cause problems when trying to communicate via web-based invitations.

Another thing to think about is your invitations could be overlooked or sent to spam, depending on the delivery method. With all of the junk mail that people receive daily, it’s easy for a wedding invitation to get lost.

While the two methods both have their pros and cons, it’s ultimately up to you! Go with what you both feel portrays your personalities the best. With these pros and cons, you can easily decide between the digital or traditional wedding invitation route. See the rest of our blogs here for more wedding inspiration, and let us know what you would like to see next in the comments below!




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