A-line vs. Ball Gown | What’s the Difference?

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A fuller skirt wedding dress is on the rise! Brides love the flowy full skirt of an A-line and Ball Gown wedding dress, and we don’t blame them! They are romantic, classic, and so fun! But, what some don’t understand is that an a-line and ballgown are two different silhouettes! The search to find your perfect wedding dress can be confusing when you’re unsure of what you want, and part of knowing what you want is understanding the different types of dresses out there. A-lines and ball gowns are similar, but they do have their key differences. What are those differences? This is a question we get often – so we thought we would share some thoughts. Follow along to learn all the information about ball gowns and a-lines.


boho a-line wedding dress by watters




An A-line dress is usually a thinner silhouette that falls closer to the body while still flowing freely. Whether it’s an a-line or not is determined by the skirt’s shape–which normally falls into a capital “A” shape. It can pair well with any neckline, sleeves/straps, fabrics, and train types. A-lines feature different levels of fullness-but there aren’t quite as many layers underneath to fill it out as there are in a ball gown. They can tend to have a slimmer feel, and brides usually say it has more natural movement.


Fatima ball gown by Maggie Sottero


Ball Gown


A ball gown is a more traditional cut to a wedding dress compared to an A-line. Think your favorite Disney Princess. Brides from the beginning of time have loved how the proportions of their tiny waist to the large skirt accentuates their shape. Ball gowns feature crinoline, which is the material that helps give the dress its poof! We love a good ball gown because it provides drama while still being classy and elegant! It is always a timeless look that we will love forever.


Good news – love a ball gown wedding dress but wish it wasn’t as full? EASY! Working with a seamstress, you can easily take out some layers of crinoline to slim down the skirt! Fall in love with an A-line and wish it was fuller? EASY! We can help you add a petticoat, or your seamstress can sew in more layers! 


The moral of the story is – and the best part about working with your Sophia’s Bridal stylist – we love to help you customize your dress to be exactly what you envision! A wedding dress is one of the most customizable pieces of clothing you will ever wear, so don’t be afraid to personalize it. Make an appointment today to find your dream wedding dress, we would love to help you! 


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