Time to sass up those bouquets and tables by playing around with different objects, textures, colors and dyes for your wedding day flowers.

Unique & Yummy Objects

Mix up your flowers by adding fun and unique objects to your bouquets, such as fruits and vegetables to match the season or to give your wedding colors that extra feeling.

Monochrome Florals

Why pick a bunch of different flowers when you can pick one color for all your flowers?! Think of what season your wedding be in and match your color to the season! A beautiful rainbow of flowers in a variety of shades will leave your guests impressed!

Texturizing your Florals

Adding a little jazz to your bouquets with feathers, cotton or succulents can be an unexpected fun twist to your bouquets.

When thinking about creating your flowers for your special day, do not forgot to add in unique & fun elements that have a special meaning to you and your groom!

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