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something blueThere are so many adorable, sentimental and creative ways to incorporate blue on your
wedding day. If you are stuck on finding your something blue, then keep on scrolling for
“AH-MAZING” ideas to fall in love with.

…Something Blue

something blue

#1 Drop dead gorgeous blue earrings are a great way to incorporate your blue
“lucky charm” on your wedding day.

something blue#2 For a soft and subtle touch of blue add a cute, chic and feminine hair clip to any up do!

something blue

#3 A creative, fun and sentimental idea is to have your bridesmaids write with a
blue sharpie on the bottom of your heels a sweet message.

something blue

#4 Customize your dress by engraving your favorite bible verse, saying, or initials
into your dress with blue stitching. So precious and unique!

something blue

#5 If you don’t want your blue to show wear a adorable blue lace wedding garter for
the perfect and more secrete way to have your blue.

something blue

#6 Add blue flowers or a blue broach to your bouquet for a beautiful and fun touch.

something blue

#7 Wrap a blue bow around your gown for a very sweet and romantic look!

something blue

#8 Keep a blue monogrammed handkerchief close for your tears, so sweet!

something blue#9 Shoe candy! Add a pop of color by having your shoes be your something blue!

something blue

#10 Lastly, incorporate blue into your flower crown to achieve a very feminine and whimsical hair look.

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(Writer: Sophia’s Bridal Intern-Madison)

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