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Morgan looks stunning in her Sophia Tolli gown and lace jacket.  And the details are to die for!  Photography by the amazing Bobbi Photo!  015_morganbradleywed_2016 019_morganbradleywed_2016 039_morganbradleywed_2016 043_morganbradleywed_2016 050_morganbradleywed_2016 124_morganbradleywed_2016 222_morganbradleywed_2016 226_morganbradleywed_2016 274_morganbradleywed_2016 303_morganbradleywed_2016 442_morganbradleywed_2016 480_morganbradleywed_2016 561_morganbradleywed_2016 569_morganbradleywed_2016 628_morganbradleywed_2016 655_morganbradleywed_2016 681_morganbradleywed_2016 718_morganbradleywed_2016 926_morganbradleywed_2016

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