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Madeson and Kurt got married on August 15th, 2020 at Salt Creek Golf Retreat. We couldn’t have imagined dreamier photos from such a perfect day. From the blue tones to the natural greenery, the whole vibe at their wedding was so romantic and magical. Wait until you see these pictures, we know you will love them just as much as we do! Follow along to hear their story…

aline wedding dress with a slit


How did you feel in your dress on your wedding day?

On my wedding day I felt like myself in every way. My dress was absolutely and forever will be my favorite dress ever.  From the pockets to the slit to the bows I added at the reception,  my dress was everything and more. The whole day felt like a dream and it was a Cinderella moment when I put my dress on.

simple strapless aline wedding dress with a plunging v



What was your partner’s reaction when they first saw you?

Kurt isn’t one to ooo and ahh over things but I think on our wedding day when I was at the other end of the aisle and I looked at him, man his smile couldn’t have been bigger. It took him until we got more photos after dinner to realize it had a slit then he really liked the dress haha. He said so many times that day, “it wouldn’t have mattered if you walked down the aisle to me in a paper bag, I still would have thought you were the most beautiful person in the world.”


bride in her wedding dress with details

bride and groom walking on their wedding day


What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

Our ceremony was my favorite part of our wedding day. Making that commitment in front of Jesus Christ and our family and friends was everything to me. When Kurt’ s Grandfather prayed over us, Kurt and I cried and his sweet grandmother gave us a handkerchief that we will keep forever. So yeah I’d say the ceremony was my favorite.


praying at a wedding

wedding prayers on a wedding day


What piece of advice would you give brides planning their wedding?

Dear Bride,

You don’t have to do it alone! I know you have the perfect vision in your head and you feel like no one else can picture it but you and that’s not true! There are so many people on your side that just want to help you in any way they can! And let them, they’d love to help you. Don’t overwhelm yourself with too much work. If you have a bridal party, put them to work, they chose to be in your wedding to help make it be perfect! Plus your girls know you best!
Much love and congratulations!

Madeson Niehof


bridal party at a wedding


Did you go on a honeymoon? 

Thanks to Ms Rona, we didn’t go on a Honeymoon but we did go on what I like to call a Mini-Moon. We moved to South Carolina in June of 2020 so on our way back from the wedding we stayed one night at The Grand Bohemian in Asheville, North Carolina and then the next day we spent the whole day at the Biltmore. It was magical and so much fun! They had the Downton Abbey exhibit there and I was fan-girling the whole time! One day we’ll go on a grand adventure and call it our honeymoon but for now I loved our Mini-Moon.


bride and groom after getting married



Photographer: Brittany Tiara Photography (Insta: brittanytiaraphotography)
Caterer: Salt Creek Golf Retreat
Florist: Pomp and Bloom (for bouquet and boutonniere) + Hobby Lobby/My Mother-In- Law
Wedding Planner: Myself and my mom


Any other stories or things you’d like to share?

I loved dancing the night away to Taylor Swift with my best friend in the whole world, we were basically screaming the words and looked like hooligans but we had a blast! Esther if you’re reading this, girl just you wait till your wedding, we’re gonna dance just as hard to T-Swift!!


bridal party dancing at a wedding in the bridesmaid dresses with the bride


How was your experience with Sophia’s?

Amazing is the biggest understatement ever!! Sophia’s was my home,  AK made me feel so beautiful in every gown but she made my dreams come to life! It was such a blessing to be able to have a special day with all the people I love. And since I worked at Sophia’s it made planning a breeze and I had all of my coworkers there for me and loving on me. Sophia’s will forever be my home away from home and I miss it so so much but I will forever love and support my sweet Sophia’s family!


bride at her bridal appointment saying yes to the dress


bride saying yes to her dress


bride saying yes to the dress


Little Details


wedding details


wedding details. creative cute wedding cake


Wedding hair piece made from a veil


Story time by Madeson || So the hair piece in my hair is actually a piece of my moms veil. Growing up I said I wanted to wear my moms dress over and over again. When I got engaged I thought about it and I was so worried that the dress would get ruined and messy, so I wanted to keep it safe. I asked my mom if I could have a piece of her veil to put in my hair and of course she loved the idea and was happy I was wearing something from her wedding. I’m so glad I got to still incorporate a piece of my parents wedding day with my own.


Congratulations again to the beautiful bride and groom on their marriage. We’ve loved being a part of the journey and seeing everything come together to such an amazing and magical day. In Madeson’s words, don’t overwhelm yourself with too much work. It’s important to cherish the day and remember the purpose of the day and that is to come together to celebrate you saying I do to forever with your soul mate!


If you are a Sophia’s bride, submit your story here to be featured on our blog! We love seeing your wedding day vision come together and we think it should be shared with the world!


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