Pin that dress… but keep your mind open | Tips from a Sophia’s Bridal Consultant

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Pin that dress… but keep your mind open | Tips from a Sophia’s Bridal Consultant

After hours of scrolling, it stops you dead in your tracks. There it is— your DREAM wedding gown! From the lace sleeves to the intricately beaded back, this dress ticks every box on your long wish list. Pin that baby to the wedding board!! You call your bridal entourage, set your appointment at Sophia’s Bridal, and begin the search for this perfect dress. With your cell phone full of photos, you arrive to your first appointment eager to try on gowns. What happens next?Sophia's Bridal Pinterest board

Pinterest is a wonderful and convenient website to help you plan every detail of your dream wedding. It is full of many amazing designers and photos of wedding gowns to really get your imagination going. Although this is a great source of inspiration, it should be taken as just that. Unfortunately the world of media can be incredibly photoshopped, so these models and gowns are not always exactly as they appear. Many times the dresses are also pinned, tucked, and clipped to look like a perfect fit, when in reality, it will take hundreds of dollars of alterations to make the dress look anything like this stunning photo. Furthermore, those gorgeous lace sleeves may be itchy, and that intricate back may not fit exactly how you envisioned. Even silhouette shapes can look totally different depending on body type. So what is the solution to not being let down by the dress when you finally see it in person? Come ready to shop with a totally open mind!

At Sophia’s Bridal, we are stocked with hundreds of gowns, and even if we don’t have the exact dress, we definitely have something similar to that original Pinterest photo! Your consultant is here to make the experience as enjoyable as possible, and good news is that we have already seen the vast majority of the dresses on our other clients. Bring the photos with you to steer the consultant in the right direction, but also be open to trying suggestions that she may have for you! You never know when the moment is going to happen, so be open minded, and just have fun! Your dream dress is out there, even if its not the gown from the Pinterest photo! 😉


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