Choosing Your Wedding Look: Should You Prioritize Your Style or the Venue?

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Should my wedding dress match my style or my venue?

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and requires multiple rounds of planning and finalizing to get to a final decision. From venue to the band, your choice can and will change multiple times.

However, the most important choice that you will make in your wedding planning journey will be your dream wedding dress. Your dress is going to pave the path for everything else. From your footwear to the way your hair and makeup will look, your wedding dress will decide how you’re going to look on the most important day of your life.

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With such an important decision to make, you may feel confused if you should create a look that is more stylish or that compliments your wedding theme more.

Well, you needn’t worry about that because we’re going to help you answer this question today. So, let’s take a look at the tips that will help you decide what kind of wedding look you should go for.


Style Or Venue: What Should Your Wedding Look Be Based On?

Your wedding is going to be a memorable day for the rest of your life.While it’s important to showcase your personal style in how you choose to look on the day, it’s equally important to factor in the aesthetic look and feel of your wedding venue and if or not it goes with your overall look. After all, you picked a particular venue and theme for a reason too. You wouldn’t want to make any wedding dress shopping mistakes that may spoil your wedding look. Here are some tips that might help you reach a more balanced solution.

Take Your Personal Style Into Consideration

Nothing else matters if you don’t feel like yourself on your wedding day. Taking your personal style and preferences into consideration is extremely important. Whether you want to feel like a princess in a tiara or feel confident in a minimalist bridal get up the choice is yours. As long as you find the wedding dress silhouette that makes you feel amazing, you’re good to go. 

Take for instance, if you have always wanted a specific style for your wedding dress, which is a vintage look, you may have to tweak your wedding venue accordingly. After all, you can’t have a vintage wedding in a barn wedding venue. If your look is set in stone, change your theme and venue according to that, not the other way around.

Look At Your Venue’s Ambiance

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While feeling confident and comfortable in your look is important, you can’t ignore the vibe of your venue. Whether you decide to say your wedding vows in a vineyard or prefer to have a view overlooking the sea or ocean like a beach, resort, or cruise, your dress should compliment the theme of your wedding party.

For instance, if you have always wanted a beach wedding and have chosen the right venue already, you can change your wedding dress a bit by going for strapless, lacy fabric instead of a long gown that may drag across the sand and get dirty.

Incorporate Elements Of Both

The idea is to enhance your look by taking from both ends, your personal style and the venue’s ambiance. If you choose to exchange your wedding vows in a beach wedding venue, the choice of a beautiful lace dress or a light tulle and crepe might be the best.

However, if your idea of a wedding look is luxury, you can’t go wrong with a long, beaded or satin gown. Remember, you have infinite choices to find your dream wedding dress from. As long as you love your look and wedding theme, you’re good to go.

Discuss It With Your Significant Other


You and your partner are probably going to coordinate in your wedding dresses. So, why not include them in the decision-making process and ask them. After all, they are going to be your partner in all the decisions you make for the rest of your life. 

While all the aspects of your wedding play a part in how your wedding look will come to life, it’s important to make sure that you’re happy and content with how you look. After all, it’s your wedding and a special day for you.

Our main emphasis is YOU!  If you and your partner are happy, the rest will fall into place. Making sure you feel confident, beautiful, and happy is the most important part.





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