5 Tips for Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

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Bridesmaid dress shopping is one of our favorite parts of the wedding process! When shopping for bridesmaids dresses, you can finally start to put your wedding look together with styles and colors in person. While your wedding day is all about you, you want to make sure that you are mindful of your bridesmaid’s budgets, personal taste, and comfort. Taking your bridesmaids into consideration will keep things flowing smoothly, and everyone will be happy! When the time comes, we have put together a list of things to know when bridesmaid dress shopping:


Keep your Wedding Vibe in Mind


Keep the Wedding Vibe in mind

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Keeping your wedding vibe in mind is one of the most important factors when considering bridesmaid dresses. After all, these dresses will play a huge factor in the overall look of the wedding. What is your venue? If it’s a beach, you may want to consider doing short dresses or a more flowy, lightweight look, so it’s more comfortable for everyone to walk. What is the month of your wedding? If it’s a December wedding, a fitted velvet dress or a flowy long sleeve dress could be excellent options! There are so many factors that play into the theme of your wedding, so sit down and brainstorm the best options for the feel you are going for. You want the dresses you choose to match your wedding. Considering the wedding vibe can also help you decide if you’re going to do the same color with different styles, multiple colors with the same style, etc. Another thing to consider is if the bridesmaid dresses will compliment your wedding dress. If your dress has a specific feel to it: boho, romantic, vintage, modern, you may want to consider choosing a similar style of bridesmaid dresses.



Be Mindful of their Budget


Consider the Bridesmaid Budget


It can become easy to get carried away when you walk into a room full of beautiful, colorful bridesmaid’s dresses. Before you go shopping, it’s crucial to talk with your bridesmaids about their budget. Pushing a bridesmaid’s budget could make them uncomfortable, so you must have this conversation beforehand. A quick text message to each bridesmaid will allow them to confide in you and keep the dress shopping process flowing when you’re in the store. With each budget in mind, you can pay attention to price tags while picking out styles. When talking about the price point, you should also consider alterations, which we will discuss next.


Consider Alterations


Consider Bridesmaid Alterations


Alterations for the wedding aren’t just for the bride’s gown. Bridesmaid’s dresses are ordered based on bust, waist, and hip measurements. Not everyone will fit perfectly into a size, meaning there will more than likely need to be some alterations done. Needing alterations is totally normal, and it’s more common than not. Some standard alterations that a bridesmaid dress may need are hem, bust and waist taken in, and straps adjusted. Most designers make their dresses longer because there is no good way to add length to a dress, but someone can easily hem them. Hemming a dress means that they will take some off the dress’s bottom to be the right length for you–this goes with the straps as well. The bust and waist and sometimes hips are a given because of each size’s set measurements.

Now that we’ve talked about alterations, we can talk about the price. Considering this factor will help your bridesmaids decide what their budget is for the actual dress. Bridesmaid alterations at Sophia’s typically range from $25-$125, depending on the dress. You can discuss this further with a seamstress, but we’ve found this to be a pretty standard price for bridesmaid’s alterations. There is an option not to get alterations if the dress fits perfectly, but we highly recommend considering them if it doesn’t. You want everyone to look and feel beautiful and confident, especially when it’s time for the pictures that live on forever.


Stick to the Timeline


Stick to the Timeline


At Sophia’s, we recommend that you have every girl measured and their dresses ordered at least 6 months before the wedding. Bridesmaid dresses typically take 3-4 months to come in from designers, and you want to have time for alterations! It’s recommended that you start alterations 1-2 months before the wedding in the event that you need multiple fittings. Starting alterations earlier ensures the dress is done in time. There are also some rush options for certain designers, but this depends on the dress you pick and can be discussed in the store at the time of your appointment! Depending on the dress and designer, rush shipping options can cut the shipping times in half, which is amazing! Shipping timelines are ever-changing, so it’s best to check with the shop you choose to confirm deadlines.


Comfort is Key


A Comfortable Bridesmaid Dress is Key

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This may not seem like a big deal to you, but to your bridesmaids, it’s everything! You want your bridesmaids to feel comfortable and confident to take on your wedding day by your side. When they are trying on different styles, accept their feedback, and respect it. Everyone has different body types, and some may not feel comfortable in a fitted dress. If you have some that want a fitted dress and some that want flowy, you could even consider letting them pick their own styles (approved by you, of course)! This can give some character to each bridesmaid and really allow their personalities to shine through.

Shopping for bridesmaids can be a blast, but you do have to consider some things! Make your bridesmaid’s shopping experience a breeze by using the tips above. You can even look at our website to get some inspiration on styles and colors by clicking here. Schedule an appointment at Sophia’s today to get your bridesmaids into some dresses! We can’t wait to see you!


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