4 Tips for Planning Your Wedding During the Holiday Season!

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…and just like that, it’s holiday season! The Halloween candy is still on the counter and Target has already loaded in their holiday aisles. I haven’t even moved my pumpkins off the front porch!

Bride to be, I know where your head is at. You are already stressed to the max with wedding planning, how are you possibly going to tackle the holidays this year?

Cozy up, let’s make sure your wrapping paper is more than Amazon box chic. I’ve written out a few wedding planner tips to surviving the stress, schedules, in-laws, and that eye twitch that comes on whenever any one mentions a seating chart.

  1. Use the family gatherings to your advantage:

Holiday family gatherings can actually make your life easier this year as long as you come prepared. The next two months provide a perfect opportunity to have so many important brains all in the same room. Use these times to make decisions. Your sister, sister-in-law, and cousin are all part of your bridal party and you will see them at Thanksgiving. Come with a few bridesmaid dress choices saved on your phone and ask their opinions while they are all in the kitchen. In-person conversations will save time and it’s easier to gauge those delicate emotions that can sometimes flare up with wedding planning (and the holidays!)

This is also a great time to discuss, fill in, and solidify that guest list. Now that you are engaged, you might be seeing both your family and your partner’s family for the holidays. Your Mom and your soon-to-be Mother-in-Law will have fresh address books ready at their fingerprints due to addressing Christmas cards. Jump at the opportunity to grab those three addresses for the cousins in Omaha you don’t yet have. Ask your Mother-in-Law for her sister’s husband’s name that you’ve been begging your fiancé to get. The more you can fill in all at once, the less you will have to hunt down later.

2. Keep that registry in your back pocket:

You finally registered and you even posted the link on your wedding website! High-five, bride! But just when you thought you had one thing crossed off your todo list, I’m here to tell you it’s not quite done. You’ve got to keep an eye on it and keep it updated. As items are purchased, you will need to make sure you have enough gifts left in certain price ranges. The towels you and your fiancé had a massive meltdown over in the middle of Crate and Barrel might get discontinued or go out of stock. I know. I know!

On top of this, family members will most likely be asking for Christmas list wishes from you. You will also be doing more shopping in the next two months than you will all year. Keep that registry on the back burner in your mind. Did you notice that storage set at Container Store while you were picking up wrapping paper? To the wedding registry it goes!

3. Be selfish about Black Friday:

Good news, Bride! I give you full permission to use Black Friday entirely for yourself this year! There will be plenty of stores and websites offering discounts you can absolutely use to help save some cash in the wedding budget. Gather the information you need for your invitation suites and be ready to order them the day after Thanksgiving. Companies like Paper Source and Minted will be offering store wide discounts that will cut your paperie costs in half (order extra envelopes and it’s never too early to scoop up thank you notes, as well!) You will also see generous money-saving opportunities on jewelry, get those wedding bands purchased! Watch for discounts or even just free shipping for large quantities of items you will need and can simply stock up until the big day. Think pillar candles, string lights, ribbon to tie favors…

4. Be conscious of your cashflow:

This all brings up to the dreaded budget discussion. We all know weddings are expensive and the thought of piling on holiday expenses can be consuming. For most of us, money comes into our accounts one way but needs to go out in about a thousand different ways. I know personally when I got married in June of 2017, I had to learn to master juggle the delicate balance of how much had to pay for life and how much could pay for the wedding. Be strict with yourself on spending this year to prevent additional stress when wedding balances are due.

Finding ways to gift practically is already half way done for you! Use those beautiful engagement photos as presents. Your family members will love a framed picture of you both and Shutterfly will be offering holiday printing discounts. Order them in the multiples and knock out a ton of people on your list at once. Good news, you can also recycle this idea for next year after the wedding photos are in!

Most importantly, this is such a special time for you and your families. You and your fiancé will spend extra time cuddling and that new bling on your left hand is going to sparkle in the Christmas lights. You will be starting traditions and creating memories your new little family and home will share for years to come. Don’t hesitate to put wedding planning down to enjoy that cup of hot chocolate and remember to relax and enjoy it all!

Article by Jillian Zilch of Frame Worthy Events – Your GO TO source for wedding planning services!




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