2022 Wedding Color Palette Trends

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There’s no denying that the trends are constantly changing in the bridal world. One of the first and most impactful decisions of the wedding planning process is picking out the colors. The colors you choose can determine the vibe of the wedding. Are you going for light and airy, dark and moody, or party vibes? Whatever color palette you choose, this is what helps you pick out all the other elements of the wedding (bridesmaids, decorations, signage, floral arrangements, etc.).

Choosing colors is such a fun part of the process! It’s what brings the wedding to life and helps you envision everything coming together. While you can choose any color palette you want, these are a few of the recurring trends we’ve noticed for the upcoming 2022 wedding season.

Warm and Earthy Hues

earth tones color palette

Burnt Sienna + Tans + Mustard Yellow

Warm, earthy hues have got to be one of our favorite color palette trends for the season of 2022. Something about those burnt oranges and mustard yellows mixed with the neutral tan earthy tones is so playful and romantic! 

Jewel Tones

Color palette jewel tones

Emerald + Burgundy + Navy + Grape + Red

We love a moody wedding color palette. Jewel tones are an increasingly popular trend in the wedding world right now, and we love them! Jewel tones are colors derived from gems such as amethyst, sapphire, ruby, emerald, and more. The vibrant shades of jewel tones are the perfect colors to add to your elegant wedding theme. 


Muted Neutral Tones

muted neutrals wedding color palette

Sands + Tans + Browns

You can’t go wrong with the natural tones of sand and tan, with a little pop of brown. Keeping things neutral is a good way to keep the focus on the bride and groom. With a neutral color palette, the details don’t go unnoticed. A pop of a color like brown is the perfect way to add some dimension in this otherwise simple color scheme.


color palette vintage metallics

Emerald + Gold + Black

Vintage metallics are making a comeback for the wedding season of 2022! Couples are ready to party, and nothing sets the mood more than a metallic color palette. Whether you want to tie in one metallic color or create a palette full of multiple, we are here for it! Whether you want to keep it classic with black, gold, and white, or add a pop of color, this is a great color scheme to set the mood to celebrate your love! Don’t forget about those other metallic colors like silver, rose gold, copper, etc.

All White


We know what you’re thinking, only the bride is supposed to be in white! While this may have been true in the past, some couples are opting for the all-white color palette because of its crisp and clean look. All white is a unique modern take on wedding colors, and we are totally here for it.

We hope these wedding color palettes gave you a little inspiration for your big day! Follow us on social media, or check back here weekly–we are always posting wedding advice, trends, inspiration, and more! Not only do we love helping brides find the dress that makes them feel the most confident and beautiful on their wedding day, we also love helping brides navigate the world of wedding planning. If you are a new bride who is in the beginning stages of planning, make an appointment to come and see us–we would love to see you!


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