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Our Friday Favorite is a little different this week because it is a local hot spot downtown! As this gorgeous weather approaches it is nice to be able to find places you can get good food for a good price and be able to sit outside and enjoy the weather. Bru Burger offers all of those things!

It is located on Mass Ave on the corner of Mass Ave and Alabama. It has a huge courtyard that just glows at night with little lights. No matter what time of day you go, the atmosphere is fantastic. Their food is something to RAVE about! Grass fed natural beef is always a great start, but Bru Burger doesn’t offer just any old burger. They offer a variety of different toppings that really make their burgers one of a kind. Everything is made in house, including the ketchup! So you can know that you are eating quality food not loaded with a bunch of junk and preservatives. If you are a beer lover then you will love their huge selection of craft brews, and if beer is not for you then you will love their cocktail selection. They are also known for some of the best onion rings in the country! Bru Burger is kid friendly so the whole family can enjoy it!


So do yourself a favor, grab some buddies and enjoy a nice meal this weekend! Let us know what you think!




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